LEGOLAND® Billund Resort gets a thumbs-up from the whole family

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Denmark has a few famous exports, including Hans Christian Andersen, vikings, and one of the world’s favourite toys, LEGO®.

Since opening its first park in 1968, LEGOLAND has become one of Denmark’s most famous and popular
family destinations.
LEGOLAND Billund Resort is made
up of four major attractions –
Lalandia® water park, GIVSKUD ZOO, the LEGO® House, and the original (and biggest) LEGOLAND.

Each attraction and park in the area – 21 in total – that make up Legoland Billund resort are made with families in mind, and they work together to create a family destination that is convenient, fun, and suitable for children of all ages. Plus, with direct flights from London Heathrow to Billund airport with British Airways, it’s nice and easy to get straight there and get stuck into family fun.

The Roger family – made up of Mette, Michael, George (10) and Esther (six) – took a trip to the lovely town of Billund in central Denmark to experience the resort.

A hit with the kids

Staying in Hotel LEGOLAND®, the family got the full LEGOLAND Billund Resort experience. Their NINJAGO themed room was one of the highlights, with “cool LEGO egg lights that light up a little bit if you get up in the night and help you find your way. And they had swords that were lights that were really good.”

With so many different areas to explore, and so much fun to be had in and out of the hotel, my first question to Michael and Esther was which bit they liked best.

“The Canoe. It’s a log flume and you splash and you get really wet.” was the clear winner for George, who enjoyed getting soaked in LEGOREDO Town, whilst Esther couldn’t decide at first but finally settled on The Dragon in Knight’s Kingdom™, a rollercoaster that was “a bit scary at first but then really fun”.

Fun was the word of the trip. When asked to describe what the Roger family thought of the resort in three words, the instant reaction from George was “fun, fun, fun!” which was closely followed up by “and cool, and great, and fun” which Esther wholeheartedly agreed with.

Mum and Dad approve

George and Esther weren’t the only ones impressed by LEGOLAND Billund Resort. Dad Michael enjoyed the learning-made-fun aspect of The LEGO House – the newest addition to the resort, opening in September 2017 – igniting the kids curious and inquisitive minds. The LEGO House’s interactive exhibits combine science and LEGO in a really creative way, including a highlight for the family “You get a bracelet when you enter. If you come back within 2 years, you can scan the bracelet see what you built last time you were there. It’s a great way to bring technology in and make something really interactive for
the family.”

Mum Mette enjoyed the convenience, with everything within walking distance and the ability to make a weekend of it and enjoy the whole resort, including Lalandia water park and GIVSKUD ZOO, where the kids could spot their favourite animals and get up close and personal with a T-Rex. She reflected “You could go back to LEGOLAND Billund Resort again and again and see new areas of the park and try different things and do your favourites over and over. You’d never be bored.”

It’s this variety of activities across different parks and attractions that make it so suitable for kids of all ages (and parents!). Plus, we heard they have “LEGO chips, they’re really yummy chips shaped like LEGO pieces. They were really cool.”

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