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9 magical UK experiences for kids to try before they grow up

Namrata Bhawnani
10th April 2019

Some experiences are so special they deserve to be enjoyed by children before they grow up. The good news is, you and the kids don’t need to travel to exotic faraway lands to tick off magical bucket-list experiences. Which of these nine extraordinary magical things to do in the UK will you try first?

9. Swim with basking sharks in Scotland

They may look scary but these gentle giants couldn’t bite if they wanted to – they have no teeth and live on a diet of coldwater plankton! In Scotland, shark enthusiasts have the chance to view these whoppers from the comfort of a boat or jump in at the deep end to get up close and personal. Basking sharks can reach over eight metres in length, making them the second largest fish in the world after the whale shark. The trip to meet them is a day-long scientific study and everyone on board can get involved in recording important information to help with conservation. Seeing these magnificent creatures in the wild will become a treasured family memory.

What: A one-day tour swimming with basking sharks and/or watching from the boat

Where: Isle of Coll, Scotland

Price: £195 per adult (discount for children)

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