Gift your family glerups 100% wool boots for cosy toes year round

Last updated 13th February 2024

There are now cosy, ethical and very comfy glerups boots for everyone in your family. Hear the heart warming story of how Denmark’s favourite way to keep toes toasty became a worldwide phenomenon.

The cosiest boots with the most heart warming story

glerups turned 30 in 2023 and if you haven’t yet discovered the boots that have won hearts the world over, you are in for such a delightful surprise.

It’s no exaggeration to say ‘won hearts’ as there are glerups’ addicts who wouldn’t trust the toastiness of their toes to anything else but these cosy, 100% pure felted wool boots; made to the same traditional Danish design as the very first pair felted by Nanny Glerups for her husband Ove in the 1970s; using wool from their own flock of Gotland sheep.

If you like a heart warming tale, read the full glerups’ story from the original boots to the present day.

glerups celebrates turning 30 with three new colours

To celebrate their 30th birthday glerups have introduced three lovely new colours to their range: Sand, North Sea and White. But of course, other changes have happened over the years too.

You can now buy glerups with a leather or rubber sole, so they can be worn indoors and out. To perfect the quality of the felted wool in every pair, these days Gotland wool is blended with soft New Zealand wool. And Project Zero Waste now means that any leftover wool from production is upcycled to make other useful stuff like laundry bags, placemats and even bottle holders.


glerups scarlet slippers in 100% wool

Indoors or outdoors? These boots are made for… anything

But back to boots (and slippers) because everyone’s feet deserve to be introduced to glerups’ soft, comfy, cosiness.

Why so comfortable? The combination of a carefully designed, foot-shaped sole and 100% wool steam-felted upper, creates a fit that’s like barefoot, only a lot warmer.

A choice of rubber or leather soles lets you practically live in glerups. And the colours are simple, classic and couldn’t be more right; from the original flannel-grey to cheerful red, rich blue and the new anniversary colours we already mentioned.

Everyone in your family deserves glerups and toasty toes

You want a pair don’t you? Good news then, because glerups now have boots from bootees to grown up sizes and they deliver to the UK. So why not gift yourself and anyone you love happy feet all year round.

 glerups now deliver to the UK and their entire collection is available to order online