From travelling across south east India by train to exploring the cities of China or discovering the new and ancient in Japan, guided-tours work wonderfully with kids in Asia.

Countries like Thailand, the Maldives, Sri Lanka and Indonesia are beachy and calm as relaxed, independent holiday experiences. And, for difficult to please teenagers, Asia’s cities are incapable of being anything but impressive.

So whether you want the Indian Ocean’s white sands or the thrum and chaos of Tokyo, Dubai’s ridiculously tall buildings or the gentle charm and ease of Sri-Lanka and Bali, you have an entire continent of holiday options to choose from.

Where to holiday with kids in Asia


A holiday in China deserves to be described as, ‘once in a lifetime’. Not only is it the world’s third largest country, the first dynasty was established here in the 21st century BC so its vast size is well-matched by a long and complex history. The country’s very well organised and a multi-centre tour is a fantastic experience for older kids. There are endless variations on a theme. And, whether you want to see cities like Shanghai, Beijing, Hong Kong and Xian or dip into areas like Chengdu for the pandas and Guilin for the amazing limestone karsts and mighty rivers, you’ll be treated like honoured guests by local guides and almost overwhelmed with courtesy and attention.

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Stretching from Indian Ocean to the Himalayas, India is an immense country. So, where to even start planning a family holiday is a challenge. This is one place where it’s worth considering one of the many multi-centre tours designed for families with children of 5 and over. Rajasthan in the north west is the largest state and a popular family holiday destination with Indians. The gentler, but no less lovely, south is where you’ll find Goa, Kerala and Andhra Pradesh: again much loved by home-grown visitors for incredible scenery, vast national parks and the type of legendary train journeys India as good as invented. There are serene beach resorts in the south east and, of course, vast cities. But, if you’re travelling to India with kids for the first time, don’t start your holiday somewhere hectic like Mumbai. It’s better to ease into India and let kids slowly get to know – and love – its eccentricities and wonders.

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The world’s largest archipelago is made up of thousands of islands in Indonesia and includes wildly far-flung destinations like Sumatra, parts of Papua New Guinea and enormous swathes of Borneo. But the most family friendly island by far is beautiful Bali. With its own international airport, the lively resort Kuta right on the coast and a stunning landscape that’s as wild as it is easy to explore, almost nowhere in Asia comes close for unforgettable family holidays.

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Japan is good to get to know through its cities. Ancient Tokyo was virtually destroyed during WWII and even the Imperial Palace here looks like a modern business park in beautiful gardens. But it’s a dazzling city for older kids and teenagers – shopping with the Cosplay Girls on Takeshita-dōri is a holiday in itself. For a complete contrast, travel north to Kyoto and enter the land of glorious Shinto temples, geishas, tea ceremonies, cherry blossom and zen gardens. The geography of Japan is astounding and it’s a country where customs and rituals rule, so tours are fantastic experiences with kids here and the Japanese are unfailingly courteous and well-informed guides.

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Even Malaysia’s capital, Kuala-Lumpur, astounds and delights kids with its taller than tall buildings, waterparks, theme parks and endless parade of entertainment. Remarkable islands like Penang and Redang are prized for their beachy fun, water sports and easy-going atmosphere. And if you can’t imagine Malaysia without the jungle, Kota Kinabula is where you want to be for encounters with orang utan, safe exploring and outdoor adventure in the untamed, but accessible, wilds.

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Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka sits just off the south east coast of India. This ancient country with its serene Buddhist culture is home to a number of World Heritage Sites and has one of the loveliest coastlines in the Indian Ocean. Understandably, conservation is high on the agenda here and outstanding nature reserves, turtle hatcheries, dolphin pods and exotic wildlife are a delight for inquisitive kids. The island is also known for easy-going and friendly beach hotels with everything from water sports and dive schools to children’s activity programmes and clubs.

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Thailand is a fascinating country but, for family holidays, the Phuket Peninsula in the south west and Ko Samui in the south east are still as wonderful in many ways as ever. For a barely touched by tourism experience, Koh Yao Yai and Koh Yao Noi are just a short sail from Phuket and the Phi-Phi Islands are the place for deserted lagoons, hidden coves and wilderness landscape further south. Ko Samui is the country’s longest established resort and, as part of the spectacular Ang Thong National Marine Park, it’s a  perfect combination of beach-based thrills and complete escapism.

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