Cerenty eco camping, cornwall

1/5 Cerenety Eco Camping, Cornwall

With its no-frills, close-to-nature approach, Cerenety proves you can still enjoy the wilder side of camping in a uniform, family campsite.

Just a smattering of tents are allowed in the seven sprawling acres, so for large group camping, space is never a problem, and facilities are as green as the surroundings with compost loos and solar panels.

Alpacas roam a few feet shy of the tents, while campers wander further - it’s a mile’s easy stroll along a canal to Bude, where kids can get a seaside fix without sanding up the car.

Price: £8 per person for a large tent for six people (staying between July 4th - September 8th)

Find out more: coolcamping.co.uk

Best bits:

  • Dogs welcome
  • Campervans permitted
  • Internet access
  • Fishing
  • Short walk to the beach

Jonathan Knight is the editor of Cool Camping Britain. The 2nd edition of Cool Camping Britain has just been published - available from coolcamping.co.uk