Vauxhall Crossland X review: Camping in Kent

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Within an hour of my battered old Scenic being towed for scrap, a gleaming hulk of shiny loveliness arrives to replace it. The new Crossland X has been described by Vauxhall as a CUV, a Crossover Utility Vehicle. All I know is, for me it looks perfect.

To put it though its paces, I’ll be taking it on our annual class camping trip. This involves me, my daughter Annie (10) and her brother Ed (eight) filling the car with as much clutter as possible for a two-day camping trip in Kent, a one-and-a-half-hour drive from our London home.

The kids arrive home from school and greet the Crossland X with shouts of ‘cool’ from Annie and ‘amazing’ from Ed, although he’s sad that he didn’t get to give our old car a hug goodbye. We manage to squeeze all our gear in the new car, including three footballs and seemingly half of Superdrug (for Annie and her friends’ ‘pamper night’).

The kids jump excitedly in the new car and immediately start twiddling the knobs. Discovering that it has Wi-Fi elicits happy squeals in unison.

‘What, I can actually FaceTime my friends on my iPad while you’re driving?’ exclaims Annie.

Personally, I’m more impressed that I can sync my Spotify account and blast out our favourite music without the pain of having to listen to a crackly Kiss 100. This car is packed to the gills with all manner of electrical gadgets.

A class act: The Vauxhall Crossland X meets the approval of the young campers

I only manage to have a quick fiddle before we have to get on the road. Within an hour we are sailing along the A20 towards the inevitable Friday afternoon traffic jam out of London. Usually by now the kids would be fidgeting, but there’s not a murmur from my passengers. Annie is too busy in her sofa-like front seat and Ed is snoozing happily in the back.

The Crossland X is a joy to drive. I feel I’m high enough in the driving position, which I love and the visibility is fantastic. It’s nippy in the traffic and comfortable when we eventually hit the motorway. It also feels reassuringly sturdy – this is a solid car that I feel safe driving and the ride is smooth and quiet.

My only slight quibble is that the indicators are very quiet and on a few occasions I realise I’ve accidentally left them on for some time, probably annoying everyone driving behind me.

After a couple of days in a field we sink back into the comfort of our new car and by the time we hit the motorway again I have two snoozers with me – not even the gadgets in the Crossland X can keep these two awake.

When we get home, Annie asks me if we can save up and buy the car. She even offers to donate her birthday money towards it. High praise indeed.

The Lowdown

Model: Vauxhall Crossland X Turbo

Family-friendly features: Apple CarPlay,  Wifi,  generous rear-door storage, split back seats

Fuel economy: 55.4mpg

CO2 emissions: 116g/km

Price: £19,935

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