Young Travel Writers 2015

Chloe Dunn, 10

Last updated 21st July 2022

Author: Chloe Dunn
Age: 10

I had a wonderful time in Croyde, North Devon. We stayed in a caravan on a site called Ruda. Croyde beach was massive and there was a very steep hill that we went up and then we had races down it. I got a stick and wrote I love Devon! We walked into Croyde village and we had a cream tea and some ice cream. My daddy dropped his ice cream in the river!

On the caravan site there was a nice restaurant where I had fish and chips served up in a bucket and spade! There was a park next to the restaurant with a play bus, play surfboards,  a tree house with a slide, and a submarine that you can look through. I had lots of fun. We went to Combe Martin Dinosaur Park and it was funny when the dinosaurs came alive and squirted water all over my sister. We also went for a day trip to Crealys. I enjoyed the rollercoaster and the big slides there. I also got to ride on a pony.

We went to the Big Sheep and I saw some very cute puppies we also went on a swing ride there it was very fast and went very high in the air. I had a blue ice cream which mummy said was made from crushed smurfs! It made my tongue go blue. We went surfing one day, the sea was very cold so I wore a wetsuit. My sister fell off her surfboard. We made sandcastles and had another ice cream. In the evenings we went to the disco where we played games. It was very fun.

I really enjoyed my time at Ruda Croyde Bay and I hope to return one day.