Young Travel Writers 2015

Under 12 Runner-Up: Kia Chan, 10

Last updated 21st July 2022

kia chan young writer

Author: Kia Chan
Age: 10

The place I want to write about is Hong Kong. Even though I was only six when I went, I can remember so much about my holiday. Walking around the busy streets was amazing! There were always smells of mouth-watering food that made me hungry. Walking past a Chinese bakery was magnificent when the sweet scent of cakes and tarts gushed up my nose. It made me close my eyes and inhale, as it was irresistible.

I particularly liked the egg tarts. They are a crispy, flaky pastry filled with bright yellow custard. Biting into one was absolutely gorgeous and I loved tasting the sweetness of the creamy custard. I liked how they came out of the oven perfectly hot and fresh. In the night the streets in Hong Kong would come to life with all the colourful, neon lights shining down. It was the best time to walk around and see the night markets.

I visited a live food market with live chickens squawking and live seafood, such as fish swimming in boxes, and it was such an eyeopening experience. I can remember walking past the fresh, sweet smell of fruit and always asking my mum or dad to buy mangoes and lychees (my favourite fruit!). When I bit into a lychee shell the juice always squirted out everywhere but they are yummy!

I love all sorts of stationery. When it comes to the shops in Hong Kong the stationery is girly and ‘kawaii’, which means very cute in Japanese (Japanese things are popular in Hong Kong). It was like Aladdin’s cave, everything I ever wanted, such as all types of pencils stickers, notebooks etc. Everything I could imagine was right in front of my eyes.

Although I loved every part of Hong Kong, one of my favourites is walking up the Big Buddha on Lantau Island. It was such a great day out! We had to take a transparent cable car to Lantau Island and I remember lying on the transparent floor with my cousin. Lying on the floor was very scary but it was so exciting as we were so high and below us were the trees. Let me tell you, it is a long, long way down!

When we got there the immense Buddha was at the top of the hill towering over me. It was a spectacular sight to remember. There were 100 steps or more! At first I didn’t think I was able to walk all the way to the top but I wanted to try. Walking up the steps was surprisingly not as hard as I thought, but I just remember that the hot sun was beating on my head. I made it to the top (eventually!) and I felt very happy that I had accomplished something memorable. Actually, afterwards I felt like the ruler of the world!

I would like to go back there someday and create new memories. Hong Kong is a truly amazing place with new experiences waiting.