Young Travel Writers 2015

12 and over runner up: Teale Griffin, 12

Last updated 21st July 2022

Author: Teale Griffin
Age: 12

Morocco; a place I knew nothing about, with a culture far from the one I was used to. Camels; mammals I had only ever seen on documentaries and at Christmas time in my nativity. Trekking; something I had never done nor had I intended to do. Little did I know this was what my parents had planned that summer: a Moroccan camel trekking holiday!

The first night of our adventure was spent in Marrakesh in a hotel and we decided to explore the city in the souks. This was rather overwhelming with cobras escaping from their charmers and Moroccan men shouting deals at you. However, after a while the experience became exhilarating and new, rather than being out of my comfort zone. The smell of spices and frying food filled the night sky and from the café we ate at I could watch all the hustle and bustle of what was going on down below. It scared us the first time we heard the loud call of the mosque booming over the city but once it came the second time I was intrigued to find out more about this exotic new place.

In the morning we met our friendly guides and the other family (who were French) and set off to begin our camel trek. We hopped off the coach and arrived to a bleak desert with a few towering camels dotted about. This was not exactly what we were expecting! However after we set off, I got into it a bit more, for we were asked if we would like to ride the camels for our first walk, willingly my sister and I obliged. It was like riding a roller coaster the first time the camel stood up then after a while the swaying rock of camel walk was quite comforting and I wished I had brought my book up with me!

The four nights and five days that followed after were interesting experiences; a real mix of mainly great and some unpleasant. Starting with good, we always camped right by a by a beautiful untouched beaches which stretched on for miles with perfect sand. We trekked for about five hours each day although for most of it my camel did the walking for me! Now for the not so good: there was no toilets or showers and the sea wasn’t an option for the waves were far too fierce, instead we just had to go without washing and set out for a spot to ‘do your business’! The best way to stop another toilet spot finder interrupting you was to work in pairs: one would guard leaving the other in peace and then you would swap.

Overall these hardships were worth it for the last place we camped was lush and green with a fresh spring that turned into the perfect waterfall-shower that we could finally wash in and made me feel like a shampoo model! All in all it was a great trip with many great memories that will last forever!