Young Travel Writers 2015

Aliah Abdul-Hannan, 13

Last updated 20th July 2022

Author: Aliah Abdul-Hannan
Age: 13

My stomach was churning up and down it was so terrifying thinking about being thousands of feet off the ground there were so many things that could go wrong. Nonetheless, I was very eager as me and my family are going to go to the most tranquil place on earth, The Carrabin’s, there were so many breath-taking things there like the majestic blue ocean and the radiant fruits that would grow all around. It was the one place that I had been dreaming about my whole life, and now it’s all finally coming true.

I sat in Row 15 chair 24 with my parents either side of me. I knew I wasn’t the only person scared on this airplane as my mum was pacing up and down when we were on the airport, even though she has been on an airplane many times before. I tried to forget about the chances of this plane crashing by occupying thinks like reading a book and chewing gum and other distracting things however, I just couldn’t get my mind off of it was like it was somehow glued to my mind. Luckily in the end I fell asleep and before I knew it the plane had landed. As soon as I got off the plane the vibrant sun beams shone onto the golden sand making it dazzle like millions of jewels.

The sea was exactly like I had imagined it to be with white foam at the tip of every wave. I rapidly took my shoes off at ran onto the sand letting it tickle my feet. As I lay down onto the fine grains of sand, I looked up to the soothing streaks of colour that had filled the sky. There were strokes of pink and orange that resembled the soft, supple skin of a perfectly ripened peach. The shimmering clear waves of the sea which was framed by sloping land on either side. I buried my hand into the sand and then sifted a handful of tiny stones using the gaps between each finger. Left in the golden sandy palm of my hand laid a rather familiar object –a caramel coin.

It was still in its delicate wrapper, I opened ravenously, and it was almost a perfect circle, the delicate yellow colour it almost blended in with the sand. An orange haze castes on the water’s horizon as if the ocean had just turned into a mirror reflecting the skies beauty. A warm from the beaming rays of the sun. You could hear the palm trees rustling behind me as if they were whispering to one another to hush. Dolphins saying their goodbyes to the sun through the rippling waves. Finally, the sun disappears along with its shine. But the stars shine under the black, night sky.