Young Travel Writers 2015

Hannah Sky Chamber, 6

Last updated 23rd July 2022

Author: Hannah Sky Chamber
Age: 6

Chapter 1

Davy Crockett’s Ranch

The day we arrived was scorching. The sun was high and the sky was blue. I felt wonderful because I was with my family and my cousins I don’t get to see often. We were going to Disneyland Paris for my brother’s 9th birthday. All of our lodges were next to each other. We had so  much fun. We played outside with a green hard ball.

Chapter 2

In Disneyland Paris

That evening we went to the Wild West Show, it was amazing!!!! I saw cowboys, Indians, buffalos and horses and even Mickey and Minnie Mouse were there. The Texas BBQ was delicious and I got to sit next to my cousin Grace. Our favourite thing was the cowboys who were doing stunts on the horses.

Chapter 3

Disneyland Paris

The best rides are Aerosmith Rock n Roller coaster which goes upside down in the dark with rock music. It thought I would be scared but I loved it. I liked the parshots becaseu you could see all of the park it was amazing. I even got to see a stunt show. The cars weaved in and out of barriers and jumped off the trucks.

When my mum when to look for a cup of tea but found Ratatouille by accident so we went on it! On Ratatouille there was big TV screens so you could see that you were getting chased by the chef you even got showered by water.

Chapter 4

Birthday BBQ

That evening we went to the shop to get a load of sausages for my brother’s 9th birthday BBQ. Then all of our cousins came over for a BBQ. First we had some  sausages and Disney Champagne. Next we had marshmallows which we roasted on the BBQ. It was brilliant!


Chapter 5

Visiting Mickey and Minnie Mouse

The next day we went to the Disney park. My favourite thing was Peter Pan because it felt like you were flying over the sparkly blue seas. All of my family went on Pirates of the Caribbean and has a group photo. I love that photo because we were all having fun together.


I think any one aged 6 would enjoy a trip to Disneyland Paris with their family.