Young Travel Writers 2015

Noah Wood, 8

Last updated 20th July 2022


Author: Noah Wood
Age: 8

Have you ever used a composting loo in the middle of a field? I have, it was brill! Have you ever cooked eggs over a campfire that you got from under the actual chickens bums? I have! And have you ever watched a lamb being born? It’s really cool. I had an exciting camping trip with Mum, Dad and my little sister (who I call Sissy) at a farm in Derbyshire. It was called New House Farm. I helped dad pitch our tent in a field full of sheep and a horse came over to watch… One morning we got up to help Farmer Bob collect eggs, he asked if we wanted a special treat. I thought he said that some goblins were just hatching in the barn.

I was a bit scared but I had to be brave for my sister, so I went. They were so so cute and fluffy and I got to hold one, Bob giggled and explained that they were goslings (baby geese) not goblins so that was okay! There is NO hot water so you can get really muddy and Mum can’t make you shower! There are fields to explore, hills to climb and the farm dog to take on adventures. You are never bored amongst the cows, guinea pigs, ducks and other animals. Bob let us feed 2 lambs (Daisy and Jack) who did not have Mummy’s, they liked their milk and then followed us everywhere trying to sneak into our tent! I had the best time ever helping Dad make fires and toasting marsh mellows, we played games round the fire and read stories till the stars came out. I think you would have a great holiday there too, it is fun for kids and relaxing for your Mum. Just AMAZING!