Young Travel Writers 2015

Alice Parker, 11

Last updated 20th July 2022

Author: Alice Parker
Age: 11

The trip to Belgium took a long time ,but when we were all set up we found the lake where you can swim in. The next afternoon we went kayaking. It was a lot of fun ,however by the end we were very cold. On another day we went shopping first we went to the camping shop. It was hard to get the parents out! It was like they were stuck in there.

The next day we went to Gent we went on a bout tour. we saw turtles and the lady said that there could be crocadiles in the river in a couple of years . Missing out “in a couple of years” my brother was looking for the crocadiles for the rest of the journey.At the end of the bout trip we went out and had lunch. after lunch we went to the chocolate shop it smelt so nice in there. on the last day we went kayaking and took down our tent for that night we slept in the pop up tent.Fitting all five of us in the tent was very hard. It was so hot in there. the tent was leaking as well. the next day we went on a long journey home.