Young Travel Writers 2015

Joshua, 11

Last updated 23rd July 2022

Author: Joshua
Age: 11

May 2015

Hi Alex,

This farm is great! I thought it would be rubbish but it’s awesome! We even have a hottub! I’m glad my mum and dad chose to stay at Featherdown Farms. There are five chickens here and Trinity has named them all. There is Dave, Tweet, Hattie, Kevin and another Kevin (they look like twins!)

Last night we had a stew that was cooked on the open fire and on Tuesday night we had a barbecue. Tonight we’re having pizza. There is an on-site honesty shop that has really nice salted caramel ice-cream. We’ve been building camp fires and eating lots of toasted marshmallows.

Our tent is called Shepherds’ View and it overlooks a field of crops. Inside our tent there is a wood-burning stove. There is an epic cupboard bed that I sleep in. My mum and dad sleep in another room – if you could call it a room! There is only a curtain separating it from the rest of the tent. Dan sleeps on the top bunk of a bunk bed and uses the bottom bunk for playing on.

We have two fields near our tent to play on and a place nearby to collect wood for the fire. We’ve got a football and a kite with us to play with. On Tuesday, we went on a walk that I really enjoyed because we had to travel through a MASSIVE crop field. Yesterday we did a club that looked dull and boring but was exciting.

Earlier today, we went on a farm tour in a farm buggy. We saw: sheep, a llama, cows, more cows, even more cows, the chickens, bulls and more sheep. A lamb had his head stuck in the fence. So Luke – the farmer – set him free. Then we saw two lambs on the other side of the fence. Luke told us that we could get out and help him catch them. So my dad, Dan and I helped Luke catch the lambs and put them on the right side of the fence. When we got back to our tent, some of the chickens were there. Then my dad started to warm up the hottub; the hottub is a wood-burning one. It takes 4 hours to heat up!

We don’t have any electricity, we can’t play with any computer games or gadgets and we don’t hav a TV. Yet this is turning out to be the most awesome holiday ever.

From JCB