Northern Lights over Lapland

2/5  Aurora Sky Station, Björkliden, Swedish Lapland

Swedish Lapland is famous for Northern Light displays all winter long. It’s also well known for freezing temperatures, vast wilderness spaces and few permanent inhabitants. If you can’t comprehend how cold it is here, just think about the ice hotel in Kiruna. So how do you let kids see the lights and get them home to tell the tale? Visit the Aurora Sky Station in Björkliden.

This mountain-top observatory is designed for safety and comfort right down to cosy, weather-proof overalls to wear outside. Its viewing terrace overlooks Abisko National Park and, if there isn’t going to be a light show, the cable car doesn’t run. Short of  having Arctic explorer credentials and your own team of sled dogs, few places are better than Aurora Sky Station for combining kids and Northern Lights.

How to get to there: Discover the World specialise in Swedish Lapland winter holidays which include Aurora Sky Station and Kiruna Ice Hotel.

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