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Top Tips for Babies and Vaccinations

Last updated 2nd June 2017

Wondering whether you can take your baby abroad before they’ve had all their jabs? Editor of Mummy Travels blog Cathy Winston has the answers.

Wait eight weeks

Although babies have some natural immunity from their mother, plus extra antibodies from breastfeeding, the experts recommend waiting until the first set of immunisations before you head overseas. You might find it’s not top of your priorities before then anyway.

Check the destination

If you’re travelling within most of Europe, or to the USA, there’s less risk than if you’re heading to Africa or Asia for example. So if you fancy a holiday between two and four months and your newborn’s healthy, it’s down to the parents to weigh the risks. If you’d be happy having a day out in Manchester, then Madrid should be fine too.

Ensure you’re insured

Some travel insurance companies may want to know that a baby is fully immunised before they’re covered, so doublecheck the paperwork if you’ve added them to your policy, or insure them separately.

Three’s the charm

After the third set of jabs at four months, your baby’s fully protected – so unless any further vaccinations are recommended for the destination, there’s no reason not to book the flights.

Don’t forget the bugs

If you are planning to venture somewhere more exotic, it’s not just the injections to remember – if there’s malaria, then anti-malarials are essential. Only certain types are suitable for children though, and from a particular weight rather than age, so always check with your GP first.

Is it safe to travel before jabs?

Mention travel and vaccinations in the same breath and it usually means the exotic kind you need for far-flung destinations. But how about flying out of the UK before your baby’s had their basic jabs at two, three and four months?