A budget family holiday in the Maldives might sound like a contradiction in terms, but the world’s most exclusive archipelago is full of surprises. It's also a natural at social distancing thanks to its many small, private islands widely spaced across the Indian Ocean. At the moment travel from the UK is restricted but when that changes we'll let you know. In the meantime, here are some easy ways to save money in the Maldives without losing the luxury family holiday vibe.

6/6 Don’t pay extra for sunsets

Without wishing to generalise, it’s probably fair to assume honeymooners are going to spend more time in an overwater bungalow than a family of four. So, cute as iconic thatched cottages are, will they be worth the extra expense if kids are up at the crack of dawn and raring to be out and about?

The same premium price rule applies to villas with sunset views, and beachfront locations. The truth is, the Maldives’ island resorts are all the definition of luxury, and there’s no such thing as a ‘bad room’; only varying degrees of exquisite.

Look for resorts with mixed accommodation options. Several have beautifully designed apartments, and hotel suites, as well as the standard collection of bungalows, villas, and beach houses. Ignore all the esoteric fluff about floating on the Indian Ocean and your own personal sunrises, and you could pay up to 50% less for your holiday.