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How to handle bad weather on holiday

Last updated 6th June 2017

Our lovely blogger Denise Wallin – aka Mrs ATWWAH – gives us some insightful tips on how to handle bad weather while you’re holidaying with the children.

If, like me, your idea of a good holiday involves lots of sunshine and no extra layers then it can be really disappointing when the weather has other ideas on your holiday or day out. Add in toddlers to the mix and the most patient of people can be tested.

Our very first holiday with Master ATWWAH was when he was only two months oldand we decided to have a few nights away in Devon. UK-based summer holidays are always a riskbut we were optimistic. It wasn’t to be thoughand we spent most of the time driving around in torrential rain, making dashes to cafes and indoor attractions in between downpours and admiring our impressively moody overcast sea view.

At two months old all was not lost as Master ATWWAH was still spending a lot of time sleeping so the pram cover was put to good use. Spending the afternoon in the pub sheltering from the rain wasn’t quite the same with a young baby, though.

Last year we went to Costa Adeje, Tenerife in March and again had to endure a couple of days of really horrible weather. The rain was torrentialand although it was clearly a novelty for the hotel staff, it was miserable for the rest of us. One poor young girl cracked her head open in the hotel restaurant where the floor was slippery from everyone coming in with wet shoes.

Tips to try to avoid rainy holidays and days out


If you really are a sun seeker and getting a tan is top of your list then make sure you research your destination as much as possible before booking. There are some great websites which give ideas of places to go depending on the time of yea. Most holiday weather sites can even tell you what it did at the same time on previous years.

Rain showers abroad rarely last for days or even hours on end, unless you’re visiting somewhere inmonsoon season, so even if you wake up to rain chances are the sun will be shining by lunchtime.

Hotel facilities

When researching accommodation, try to find a couple of indoor facilities like swimming pools, play areas, ten pin bowling, cinemas and so on. From experience, Center Parcs can keep a family entertained in the rainand family-friendly cruise ships are great for indoor activities to keep little ones entertained.


Check out indoor attractions in and around your destination before you leave so you have a fail safe back up to hand if a day around the pool or sightseeing is out of the question due to the weather.

If you are on a day out and the weather ‘turns’ check out the operators bad weather policy. Lots of UK theme parks now offer rainy day refunds depending on how long the weather is badand you can usually return for free or at a discount on another day.

What to pack

Pack a couple of jumpers or jackets, especially for little ones, even if your destination is almost certain to be warm. There is nothing worse than shivering on holiday.

Pack some favourite toys and books just in case you need to spend a few hours in your accommodation during bad weather

Go with the flow

Most little people love the rain. Master ATWWAH never lets you put his pram cover up when it rains as apparently he likes getting wet. There can be something strangely liberating about letting yourself get soaked and not care.

For more tales of rainy weather following Mrs ATWWAH around on her holidays visit her blog,