Sleepyhead Deluxe Baby Pod, £110

This multi-functional baby pod is suitable for tiny ones, aged 0-8 months. It weighs less than 2kg, making it ideal for trips away, when it can be used as travel bed. Back home, it's perfect for co-sleeping, as well as using as a cot insert and a play pod.

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Family Traveller review

First-time mum Lucy Clark and daughter Ivy (aged three weeks) put the Sleepyhead Deluxe to the test:  


Ivy had a six-hour stretch of sleep in the Sleepyhead Deluxe last night (result!) and has been chilling out in it all day. Here she is in the Sleepyhead Delxue on the sofa. It's great to be able to have her next to me, instead of on me! Yesterday I couldn't put her down for a second without her grizzling, but in the Sleepyhead I can comfort her with a hand on her tummy and I only need to lift her out for feeds and nappy changes.

It would be helpful if the Sleepyhead came with more than one cover, so Ivy could still use it while I'm washing the cover. I also find the white gets dirty quickly, but it is available in other colours.

I do wonder what tonight will bring, as she tends to have one good night followed by a bad one – but so far the Sleepyhead Deluxe has been a blessing!

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