2/7  Tarsier Foundation Trek, Bohol Island

Tiny Tarsier stand only 15cm tall (not counting their tails), making them the smallest known primates in the world. Indigenous to the Philippines, they’re now only found in the wild, on a few of the country’s south eastern islands.

Guided treks with the Tarsier Foundation are just about the only chance you have of glimpsing these shy and indescribably cute little creatures, with their huge eyes, and enormously long, skinny feet. Naturally sightings aren’t guaranteed, but the jungle walks alone are great fun for kids, guides are excellent, and your visit supports the Foundation.

Where: Tarsier Foundation, Bohol Island, South Eastern Philippines.

When: During the dry season from December to March.

How: Daily flights from Manila to Cebu City take one hour. A fast, frequent ferry service runs between Cebu City and Bohol Island.

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