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Amazing secret islands in Asia, and how to find them

Mohamed Anhari
25th September 2017

Idyllic islands like Palawan in the Philippines or Thailand’s Koh Samui, deserve their place on the list of ‘Top 10 most beautiful islands in Asia’. But the world’s biggest continent is famous for archipelagos, and many of its loveliest isles are still hush, hush.

So if you like the idea of travelling where few have gone before, here’s the rundown of the lesser known, but no less astonishing, islands of Asia.

1/10 Pom Pom Island, Malaysia

Tiny Pom Pom Island is just off the south west coast of Borneo. It’s surrounded by the Celebes Sea, and takes less than an hour to walk right round.

There are almost more Hawksbill and Green sea turtles here than people, the coral gardens are spectacular, tropical temperatures sit between 25 and 30˚ all year round, and even monsoon season doesn’t amount to much more than an occasional shower in July and August.

How to get there: Flights from the UK to Kota Kinabula take just under 17 hours. Regular flights to Tawau Airport take 50 minutes. Semporna is an hour’s drive north of Tawau, and Pom
Pom Island is 40 minutes by boat from Semporna.

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