Revolutionary Star Camp kids’ clubs educate and entertain at Iberostar resorts

Last updated 16th July 2023

This summer Iberostar Star Camp is revolutionising kids’ clubs at all of Iberostar’s family resorts. So if you like the idea of your children exploring their individual talents, learning new skills and having fun while they’re at it, you need to know more.


Iberostar Star Camp activity programmes let kids discover new talents

Iberostar Star Camp is no ordinary kids’ club

Along with a fabulous portfolio of beachfront properties in the most popular and desirable family-friendly locations, Iberostar has a global reputation for putting its guests at the heart of everything, and this commitment holds true for even the youngest guests.


Inspiring and playful young Star Camp interiors

For those holidaying with children, Iberostar Star Camp is a revolutionary alternative to a hotel kids club for Generation Alpha. Long gone are the days where a kids club saw children offered a dog-eared colouring book or a TV in the corner. Now the activities are fun for everyone, whatever their interests. From snow-making chemistry sessions to becoming a star in a music video to climate change workshops, Star Camp offers a wealth of possibilities.

Over 140 different activities for kids aged from 4 to 17

Excitingly, this pioneering children’s activity programme for ages four to 17, is available at all Iberostar’s family-friendly hotels. Through more than 140 activities, the youngest in the family can develop their talents, have fun and at the same time learn values such as diversity, respect for the environment or technological awareness. Children are encouraged to interact and work together by taking part in games and other recreational and educational activities.

Not only will kids leave their holiday having enjoyed everything a luxury resort has to offer, they’ll have explored a totally new way of learning, and discovered things about themselves they never knew.

Iberostar Star Camp tailors activities to each child

Iberostar Star Camp uses educational principles based on the Theory of Multiple Intelligences developed by Harvard University neuropsychologist and educator Howard Gardner, which tailors activities to each child, dependent on how they learn best. A child who doesn’t show interest in language, for example, might have great ability in the field of mathematics and spatial intelligence. Designed by specialists in multiple intelligences and child education, and Star Camp activity programmes strengthen intelligences.


Thoughtfully designed spaces encourage creativity

Activities include: group large-scale painting workshops; putting senses to the test by guessing the ingredients in the dishes on Iberostar’s sensory menu; being the stars in an improvised video clip; undertaking the Mission (Im)possible by crossing an obstacle course blindfolded, with the help of teammates; carrying out exciting scientific experiments to create snow; escape rooms; cookery classes and interactive classes on the beach aimed at building awareness about oceans and life below water.

Pick up a passport to play and learn this summer

When children arrive at Iberostar Star Camp, they receive an Explorer Kit which identifies them as members. Each kit contains a passport allowing them to travel to different countries in an imaginary world and receive passport stamps when they participate in the various activities.

At the end of their stay, all participants receive a final award, reinforcing the bonds created with Star Camp during their visit. Not only will they make new friends and have plenty of fun, they’ll reveal new skills, unleash new talents, discover new interests, and make memories that will last a lifetime.

Iberostar Selection Playa de Muro Village

Discover Star Camp at Iberostar Selection Playa de Muro Village in Majorca. This 5-star resort is seconds away from award-winning Playa de Muro and features a children’s pool, family rooms and a kids’ adventure park, as well as a spa and four restaurants.

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