5 Family Road Trip Rules - Family Traveller (USA)

Hitting the road with the family? Follow these tips and tricks to skip the bumpy roads of boredom and tantrums.

Give it a rest

Repetition is the enemy on the road, so bake in enough rest stops to break up the boredom.

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Take the slow road

High-speed superslabs may be the quickest way from A to B, but secondary roads pack more smiles per mile.

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Play it again, mom

A good game is an essential part of making a road trip tolerable for the tots.

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Plan, don’t overplan

Stowing extra snacks and water? Good idea. Micromanaging your schedule and not leaving room for serendipity? Not so much.

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Tune it up

The right tunes will soothe and go a long way toward keeping the kids from quarreling. Mix it up by letting everyone play DJ.

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