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Does summer flash by faster and faster every year? If you can’t believe it’s almost back to school time already, you’re not alone. You’re not alone in dreading the prospect of spending a small fortune on new term essentials either.

We know exactly how you feel, which is why we’ve teamed up with some great brands to create the Family Traveller Back to School Bundle. It’s packed with stuff you really need, plenty of treats, and a few luxuries you might not buy, but you know kids will love.

The prize includes:

  • a terms supply of Little Mylks from Rebel Kitchen
  • children’s bed linen set from Warren Evans
  • the iZi Up Fix booster seat from BeSafe
  • a waterproof set from Nipper Skipper
  • personalised label sets from Easy2name
  • a bento box from Stuck on You
  • a waterproof jacket from Five Boys Clothing

For your chance to win the lot, simply answer the question below and enter your details.

Competition ends midnight 1st September, good luck!

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Find out more about each of the products you could win below.

Rebel Kitchen Little Mylks for an entire term worth £100

Little Mylks are made from organic coconut milk, spring water, and Rebel Kitchen’s belief that food should be, ‘grown in, and come from nature – without additives, preservatives or refined sugar’.

That’s a reassuring philosophy for parents, but kids simply love the taste; although cool packaging and built-in straws have universal appeal.

Little Mylks are available in chocolate, choc-orange, banana, or vanilla flavours, and stay fresh without chilling, only perfect for lunchboxes.

Generous as well as conscientious, Rebel Kitchen are giving away an entire term’s supply of Little Mylks free in the Family Traveller’s Back to School Bundle.

Find out more about Rebel Kitchen Mylks and Little Mylks  


Warren Evans’ children’s bed linen set worth £168

Getting back into the school bedtime routine can be a difficult task after a long, lazy summer of late-to-bed evenings and lie-in mornings.

According to Warren Evans’ sleep expert, Dave Gibson, you should ease kids into term time sleeping habits a couple of weeks before school starts. Plan some soothing activities before bed, and make sure the bed itself is temptingly cosy, and cocooning.

To help out, Warren Evans has put together a bed linen set designed to coax kids into early nights, and great sleeps. It includes a supportive Perfect Memory Foam pillow, luxurious cotton/linen duvet set, and a comforting mattress topper. Everything you need to get into a routine, and all part of Family Traveller’s Back to School Bundle.

Find out more about Warren Evans bedmakers and founder of The Sleep Site

BeSafe iZi Up Fix Booster Seat worth £200

Between getting kids into the car, making sure nothing’s forgotten, and navigating the usual double parking right-at-the gate chaos, school runs take almost super-human levels of concentration.

With a BeSafe iZi Up Fix booster seat, at least you don’t have to worry about the safety of your precious backseat passengers. Designed for four to 12 year olds, the high-back seat is fully-adjustable and has two comfortable recline positions. Plus, it’s fitted with a unique SIR (side impact rotation) safety feature; so in the event of impact, the seat turns away from the door, automatically protecting head and body.

Available in a range of colours, the iZi Up Fix booster seat even looks good, and it’s another welcome addition to the Family Traveller Back to School Bundle.

Find out more about the iZi Up Fix high-back booster seat


Stuck on You Bento Box Value Pack worth £49.99

Bento Boxes are the brilliant Japanese tradition, changing attitudes to packed lunches worldwide.

They’re designed to present food in perfectly sized portions, each with its own section, and looking almost too good to eat: but not quite.


The beauty of Bento Boxes encourages kids to help make their own pretty lunches, and finish them at lunchtime. Good news if you’re used to throwing out lovingly prepped food at the end of every school day.

The Bento Value Pack includes a personalised Bento Box and personalised cool bag with fitted ice brick. Unsurprisingly, it’s a Stuck on You bestseller this year, and another brilliant addition to Family Traveller’s Back to School Bundle.

Find out more about Stuck on You personalised Bento Boxes


Nipper Skipper waterproofs worth £44.50

Summer doesn’t officially end until the last week in October, but the chances of wet weather long before then are fairly high.

Nipper Skipper doesn’t believe in leaving anything to chance when it comes to keeping kids warm and dry outdoors. Which is why their Didriksons’ Waterman Set is ideal for back to school – and other great adventures.

Made out of 100% waterproof and windproof Galon® PU fabric, the bibbed trousers and long jacket are easy to put on, and take off. Details like adjustable shoulder straps, and a detachable hood are endlessly practical for parents. But the cool design keeps kids happy too.

The Didriksons’ Waterman Set with bibbed trousers, and a long, zip-up jacket is worth £44.99 and included in the Family Traveller Back to School Bundle.

Find out more about Nipper Skipper outdoor clothing for kids


Five Boys Clothing Sways Waterproof Jacket worth £48

If you feel uninspired by kids’ clothes, you’re in good company. Five Boys Clothing was founded by two mothers who felt exactly the same, and rebelled against average by opening their own exceptional online store.

Aimed at boys aged three to 15, their range is super cool, hard wearing, and designed to comfort parents and thrill kids. This waterproof jacket by Danish brand, Sways, is a perfect example. Designed in functional, tech-savvy material, it combines hard working practicality with great looks, and comes in tough, classic colours.

The Sways waterproof jacket fits ages six to 12, and it’s available in either black or blue, and included in the Family Traveller Back to School Bundle.

Find out more about Five Boys Clothing for three to 15 year olds


Easy2name ‘Off to School’ personalised labels set worth £19.95

The cost of back to school is plenty high, so making sure kids hold on to their stuff is top priority for most parents.

Easy2name ‘Off to School’ sets help avoid lost property by labelling just about everything clearly and personally. Each set contains 30 waterproof stickers, 30 iron-on nametapes, a set of shoe covers, one bag tag, and a shoe bag, all personalised with your child’s name.

Waterproof stickers stay stuck even in the dishwasher and microwave: perfect for lunchboxes or water bottles. And sturdy iron-on nametapes mean no sewing for you this year – bliss.

Generous Easy2name are adding an ‘Off to School’ set to Family Traveller’s Back to School Bundle, and giving away sets to another four lucky winners too.

Find out more about Easy2name ‘Off to School’ personalised label sets

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