This innovative Leclerc Baby design could be the best travel pushchair yet

Last updated 11th August 2023

Leclerc Baby are about to change the way you think about pushchairs, forever. First thing we said about them? ‘Impressive’. If you don’t feel exactly the same way soon, we’ll be very surprised. See for yourself.


Influencer Air is devoted to giving you freedom

These days, every baby needs a pushchair that’s designed for life on the move, because parents love to travel and they especially love to travel with their kids. Although, a buggy that’s versatile enough to stow in a plane’s overhead locker, also fold down one-handed with a babe-in-arms, and then unfold just as easily, might sound a bit of an impossible dream.

That was true, until Leclerc Baby came along with an incredible range of pushchairs, specifically designed to make light work of every type of travel, from everyday stuff like supermarket runs to the fun of flying off on holiday.

Leclerc Baby designs give families freedom

Leclerc Baby has put all its intuition and innovation into developing products devoted to giving families more freedom. Simply put, they’re on a mission to make parenting easier and that started with pushchairs and now extends into equally understanding accessories, as well as 24/7 customer service to answer any questions and provide help, right away. We think  may very well become your go-to travel brand.

Our favourite pushchair from the Leclerc Baby range

Leclerc Baby offers a range of pushchairs to suit different needs, with strollers designed for the city, the countryside, for travel and even some seriously slick designer models. But for us, the Influencer Air ticks every single box for busy, travelling parents.

For a start, at just 6.6kg, it’s incredibly lightweight pushchair. When folded, it measures around 50 cm square: tiny enough to fit into the boot of a car or stow in an overhead locker. Plus, it comes in a choice of colours. And, it’s also suitable for kids up to 22kg , so you can safely fall in love with this one, it’s going to be in your life for quite some time.

The Influencer Air is an easy cabin-bag size

Like all Leclerc Baby pushchairs, the Influencer Air is designed to meet International Air Transport Association’s (IATA) size regulations. So if you’re a cabin-bag only type of traveller, this fits that mood exactly.

But the real beauty of the Influencer Air is its innovative folding mechanism. Thanks to gravity assist, with just one touch, the entire pushchair folds down and juggling bags, kids and buggies becomes a distant memory. In fact, Leclerc Baby promise the whole fold-down process takes just 1.5 seconds and they have the video to prove it. Of course, unfolding is just as easy and quick.

The Influencer Air is happy to travel the way you like to travel

When you’re heading somewhere hot, you’ll be pleased to hear the Influencer Air has an extending sun canopy, offering UPF of 50-plus,  but with ventilation and a peek-a-boo window for kids to see out. Plus, the pushchair also comes with a back, mesh ventilation panel, so air circulates and little travellers stay cool.

Inside, the backrest has three adjustable positions, and is complemented by an adjustable leg rest, which allows it to flatten completely for peaceful naps. It’s also thoughtfully padded inside too, so you might be seeing a few more of those naps than normal.

Enough storage to stow all your travel essentials

A huge storage pocket at the back of the pushchair has more than enough room for spare nappies and other baby essentials, and it’s safe for your phone, keys or wallet. Although, if you’ve more to carry, there’s also a sizeable basket underneath which holds up to 3kg of just about anything else you need.

Safety features that understand babies and parents

Naturally, the Influencer Air is big on safety, and incorporates a magnetic 5-point buckle harness as well as a removable bumper bar. A smooth and bump-free ride is guaranteed thanks to suspension across all wheels. But for us, probably the best safety feature and one that’s really unusual in pushchairs, is the extra large foot brake. We love the fact that it’s specifically designed for any type of shoes, so you can operate it in heels, slides or sandals. And anyone who has ever suffered the pain of catching a flip-flop-clad foot on a small, stiff brake, will understand exactly why we appreciate this feature so much.

It’s all about the details with Leclerc Baby accessories

Leclerc Baby accessories aren’t simply designed to complement the Influencer Air range, they’re must-haves in their own right. We particularly love the matching luxury changing bag, which is available in the same sweet colours as the pushchairs, beautifully made in a choice of fabrics, and flawlessly finished. Plus when it comes to fit for purpose, there’s no question about how practical these bags are too.

Why we love Leclerc Baby luxury changing bags?

  • Adjustable strap, so you can choose between a shoulder bag or cross body, or remove the strap entirely and use the handles.
  • A spacious interior is made out of wipe clean fabric.
  • Multiple compartments let you organise nappies, bottles and anything else you need.
  • Thermal pockets are super-handy for keeping bottles warm or cool.
  • A padded mat means comfortable and hygienic changing, anywhere.
  • Plus, the changing bag comes with a purse and a zipped pocket, so there’s no need to carry a handbag (or man-bag) too.

Leclerc Baby luxury seatliner

The seat liner that adds lux (and peace of mind) to travel with baby

Another brand new addition to the Leclerc Baby range, the innovative luxury seatliner is a universal size and fits just about any pushchair. It has no fewer than four layers of construction, and uses hypoallergenic cotton and viscose to help regulate baby’s temperature, as well as allowing air circulation. And on top of all that, it’s also moisture-wicking. So even in hot and sunny places, baby stays cool and dry, and you have one less thing to think about.


Influencer Air full colour range

Travel solutions for little travellers (and their parents)

The Leclerc Baby collection also features a range of accessories designed to complement the Influencer Air, and adapt to the changing needs of your family. Simple essentials like footmuffs make a huge difference to your day-to-day. Carrycot attachments are perfect for newborns and younger babies. And a choice of bags, organisers, rain covers and even mosquito nets, pretty much keep all bases covered, wherever you’re going.

A wheeled board which clips onto the back of the pushchair lets older sisters and brothers ride along safely too. Then there are innovative connectors that swiftly turn two Influencer Air pushchairs into a double buggy. And if you’ve plans to go hiking, or take baby off-road, the Influencer XL pushchair comes with larger wheels and higher ground clearance, to let you do just that, easily.


Luxury Changing Bag & Influencer Air pushchair in Cloudy Cream, with twin connectors

Is this the best travel pushchair yet? Let’s recap…

So by now you know we’re pretty smitten with the Influencer Air. Not least because Leclerc Baby has taken such a parent-centric approach to its design, but made baby’s comfort and safety just as much of feature. We were particularly impressed by the way the issues we’ve all suffered with less well-designed pushchairs have been smoothly ironed out by this one. Although for us, the fact that it travels effortlessly is really what makes the Influencer Air so impressive. Just in case you missed all those incredible features…

  • One-handed operation, to fold down, and unfold too.
  • Super lightweight construction and a tiny footprint – we love this for air travel.
  • Generous storage keeps everything in one place, neat and safe.
  • Luxurious padding and lie-flat function for added nap-time.
  • All wheel suspension gives a smooth ride, even on old town cobbles.
  • The large, accessible foot brake for protecting our toes, even in flip-flops.

We want to make memories every day with our kids, cherish those precious baby moments and not fight with badly designed equipment. Seems Leclerc Baby understand that perfectly and have created pushchairs which tick all the right boxes, look amazing and – we’ll say it again – are just seriously impressive.

Ready to be impressed? Take a trip round Leclerc Baby pushchairs and accessories