New Amari Raaya may be the Maldives’ most authentic family resort

Last updated 3rd November 2023

New Amari Raaya Maldives resort opens this summer on its own idyllic private island in Raa Atoll. Unveiling a world of unparalleled grandeur, this authentic resort experience invites guests to discover special moments that combine the essence of nature, the Indian Ocean’s allure and a warm, family atmosphere.


Walkway Ocean Villas, Amari Raaya Maldives

Amari Raaya Maldives presents endless indulgences. Families can revel in the harmonious symphony of flavours at a range of superb restaurants. The 187 beach and ocean villas offer unobstructed views and space to enjoy life’s most precious moments together. And there’s also plenty for kids to explore, discover and do. So essentially, it’s a Maldives resort which simply offers something for everyone and gives you all something to fall in love with!


Seb’s Dhoni, Amari Raayi Maldives

The Maldives resort with authentic character

Embark on a captivating journey as you delve into the tale of Seb: a castaway who sought solace on the very island that cradles Amari Raaya Maldives resort. Through his own resilience and unwavering spirit, Seb wove a life enriched with gratitude and boundless creativity, breathing eternal inspiration into every corner of this extraordinary island.

Echoing the legendary castaway’s enduring legacy, Amari Raaya reveres the island’s organic beauty and simplicity, even integrating natural materials reminiscent of Seb’s humble shelter into its design and architecture. The result is a profound sense of connection between humanity and nature and an atmosphere of harmony and peace.


The Watchtower at sunset

A natural environment to soothe your soul

Follow in Seb’s footsteps and embrace exhilarating adventures. Immerse yourself in the untamed wonders that once fed his soul. And from vibrant marine explorations to treks through lush landscapes, uncover the island’s abundant treasures.

Indulge at Maai Spa, where treatments inspired by Seb’s artistic brilliance blissfully transport you. Each exquisite spa experience resonates with his creative essence, and focuses on mindful rejuvenation and restoration.

Amari Raaya Maldives resort also tells Seb’s remarkable story, which families can discover by scanning the QR codes around the island. With its treasure hunt vibe, this is a fun experience for kids and a wonderfully interactive way to understand Seb’s legacy and feel like explorers at the same time.


Kayaking, Indian Ocean, Amari Raaya Maldives

Families can do something different every day

Dreamy beaches and an interesting heritage are just a hint of what’s happening at new Amari Raaya. The range of activities on offer for families here could easily fill quite a few holidays and, if you have the energy, there’s the potential to do something different every day of your stay.

Naturally, the clear Indian Ocean comes into play, a lot. The waters around the resort are home to a flourishing coral reef which is in turn home to a kaleidoscope of marine life. The best news is you don’t have to be an experienced diver to discover this underwater world. Snorkelling is a great way to kids interested in the fragile and exquisite Maldives’ eco-system. Although we predict, older ones may be interested in taking PADI lessons after they’ve glimpsed the wonders below the waves.

Up top on the water, you can glide about in kayaks, pick up paddleboarding and even try sailing. Windsurfing and wakeboarding are also available and, for the truly adrenalin-seeking, there’s jet skiing too.


PADI Dive Centre, Amari Raaya Maldives

Clubs for kids and outdoor adventures for everyone

Kids Club at Amari Raaya is a warm, friendly space where younger children learn through play and older ones get to release their inner explorer. Swimming, beach games, arts and crafts, story telling and most of all fun, are all part of the daily agenda. And as always the staff are superb, so even shy first time Kids Clubbers will soon feel perfectly at home.

As we said, you can explore and learn more about Seb by scanning the strategically place QR codes around the island. However, if you simply want to stride out and experience the natural beauty for its own sake, everything from mysterious mangroves to dense rainforest makes that just as much of a delight for families. And for those times when play-time is the only answer, the resort has everything from badminton and paddle tennis to mini-golf, archery and ziplining to satisfy your cravings.


Traditional Maldivian culture at Amari Raaya Maldives

Welcome to The Village at Amari Raaya Maldives

One tiny little quibble about many a Maldives resort is the lack of local atmosphere. That’s why we particularly like The Village concept at Amari Raaya. Designed like a traditional Maldivian community at the heart of the resort, it features shops, restaurants, an ice-cream truck (it’s actually a delightful vintage bus), food stalls and the gorgeous Maai Spa.

Then in the evening the community spirit extends to lively local entertainment like Boduberu nights, cultural events and festive celebrations. You may just want to drop in for an excellent morning coffee, but we have a feeling kids will want to hang out in The Village more often than not.


Dinner with a side order of Indian Ocean sunset

A generous helping of culinary innovation

Amari Raaya is an extraordinary and you only have to glimpse its highly original approach to food to see that. Fine dining you expect at a five-star Maldives resort, however, beachy seafood shacks and cool cafés might come as more of a surprise. One thing is certain, the wide variety of eating experiences means even the trickiest to please young diners won’t be complaining.


Live cooking station, Amaya Food Gallery

  • Amaya Food Gallery all-day buffet offers an extensive selection of international cuisine and a laid-back vibe that works well for families.
  • Fine dining with modern Asian sensibilities all served on a roof terrace with remarkable views makes Ampers&nd a good excuse to book a babysitter for a night.
  • Poolside SOAQ is the place for snacks, cocktails, and ice cream treats.
  • Italian classics like pasta, pizza and risotto make Pregolino a particular favourite with kids.
  • Seb’s Shack sits nestled on a secluded beach, and makes the perfect place to unwind over fresh seafood dishes and expertly created cocktails.
  • The Village Café is a cosy haven offering aromatic coffee, pastries, sandwiches, and ice cream creations.

Where to eat at Amari Raaya Maldives resort 


Beach Pool Villa, Amari Raaya Maldives resort

A Maldives Resort that makes extra room for families

When it comes to family sleeps, Amari Raaya Maldives resort has thought of everything and then some. Luxury you expect, but private pools, pretty gardens, heaps of privacy and Stunning ocean views or overwater loveliness, really allow you to craft your own typically Maldivian experience. Although an extraordinary amount of space is a consistent feature.

The Maldives is always an ideal destination for multi-generational holidays. And in recognition of that, Amari Raaya even offers a range of interconnecting beach villas, perfect for togetherness but also good at giving everyone privacy and independence when it’s wanted too.

Between its stunning landscapes, gorgeous villas and exceptional service, new Amari Raaya Maldives really goes all out to create the most unforgettable family holidays. Why not be among the first to discover the enchantment of this magical resort? Take a closer look at some of the amazing offers for this year and next.