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P&O Cruises reveals thrilling escape room on new ship Arvia

Last updated 22nd June 2022

P&O Cruises has just released an exciting video of the first ever Escape Room experience at sea. It’s set to launch in December 2022 on board the new cruise ship, Ariva, and it’s the perfect adventure for families. Take a look.


Mission Control, the new escape room from P&O Cruises, launches December 2022

Rally the troops for an underwater mission on new Arvia

P&O Cruises has just released a new behind-the-scenes video of Mission Control, the first-ever escape room experience on a cruise. This thrilling activity will be on board its latest ship, Arvia, which launches in December 2022.

Mission Control takes families on a thrilling underwater adventure, all set aboard the fictional submarine Arvia II. You and your children will no longer be regular cruise passengers, instead you’re a kick-ass team of marine explorers and underwater detectives!

You’ll be following the orders of the fictional character Dr Melissa Ryan, the leader on your intrepid mission. So prepare to be awed by realistic 3D surroundings as your submarine voyages into ocean canyons, glides past sunken cities and encounters underwater creatures.

However, it’s far from just a 3D experience! Motion simulation and fully interactive consoles really bring the mission to life. There’s also 3D surround sound to complete the immersive experience.

Mission Control also teaches kids about the underwater environment

Mission Control may be fictional but real research went into its creation to make the whole experience authentic. Developers at Düsseldorf-based technology company, Tennagels looked into the controls and technological functions of a real submarine and built these into fictional Arvia II!

P&O Cruises aims to “wow guests” with the new activity and make them feel like they’re in “the biggest blockbuster movie”, said P&O Cruises president Paul Ludlow. But it’s also designed to teach kids more about their environment. So the Mission Control escape room is thrilling, fun and leaves families with a greater awareness of the need to protect our fragile marine ecosystems.

Staying with the environment theme, Arvia is P&O Cruises’ second LNG-powered Excel-class ship, after Iona, which joined the fleet in May 2021. LNG (liquefied natural gas) is one of the cleanest burning non-electric fuels available for the cruise industry and just one of the ways P&O Cruises is doing its bit for sustainability.

Apart from the incredible first-ever escape room, kids can look forward to plenty of other fun activities on board Arvia. There’s the Altitude Skywalk high ropes experience. Tropical-themed Altitude Minigolf and Altitude Splash Valley aquazone promise thrills and skill building. Plus, the new ship also incorporates an amazing outdoor Sports Arena.


Arvia II submarine, Mission Control escape room from P&O Cruises on board new cruise ship, Arvia

How to set sail with your family on the newest ship from P&O Cruises

Eager to get on board both the ship and the fictional submarine? Arvia’s maiden voyage is to the Canary Islands on December 9, 2022.

This 14-night full-board cruise costs £1,299 per person for an inside cabin, and includes kids’ clubs and entertainment. A round voyage from Southampton, the cruise calls at Madeira, Tenerife, Gran Canaria, Lanzarote, Cadiz and Lisbon, before returning to England.

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