A beginner’s guide to year round Lake Tahoe family vacations

4th October 2021

Lake Tahoe family vacations are year round amazing. Come in stunning fall and winter when it’s less busy. Spring’s great for early paddling before the crowds arrive. And summer’s simply gorgeous, great fun and the weather’s wonderful Take a look at Vanessa Hunt‘s beginners guide to falling love with Lake Tahoe family vacations.

Bonsai Rock Lake Tahoe family vacations California and Nevada with kids

Why go on Lake Tahoe family vacations?

Lake Tahoe is a wonder of nature. It’s the second deepest lake in the US (Crater Lake in Oregon comes in a bit deeper). A surface area of 191mi² makes it the largest Alpine lake in the country – so large the surface can appear convex on a still day. And an elevation of 6,225ft above sea level makes it the highest US lake too. A cross-border California/Nevada resident, with a shoreline that runs over 70 miles round, Tahoe’s surrounded by the Sierra Nevada. So as well as being a geological superstar, its good looks will take your breath away.

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Sierra Nevada kayaking on Lake Tahoe family vacations in summer

Where to go to get the most out of Lake Tahoe on vacation?

Lake Tahoe straddles the California/Nevada state line from west to east. Like we said its shoreline is more than 70 miles around. But almost everyone simply says: North Lake Tahoe or South Lake Tahoe.

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Lake Tahoe snowboarding girl winter vacations

What to do on Lake Tahoe family vacations with kids?

Lake Tahoe’s an Alpine lake. So it’s pretty glacial year round and you won’t be doing a ton of swimming in winter. But with summer temperatures a pleasant 70°, those cool waters are a lot more inviting. And of course there’s lots to do that doesn’t involve getting wet at all.

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Lake Tahoe family vacations summer Sand Bay beach South Lake Tahoe

How to plan your next lake vacation?

Lake Tahoe lies right between Sacramento and Reno airports. Fly in on a clear day and you can often see the lake from the air. Do your bit for the environment and Keep Tahoe Blue by catching the excellent local buses that go round the lake. They run all year round, operate airport shuttles and serve all six Lake Tahoe ski resorts.

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