UPPAbaby's Stroller and Car Seat Combo Makes Travel With Baby a Breeze

New and expecting parents know how overwhelming it can be to research the ideal stroller and car seat. With so many options on the market, you need to find what best suits your needs. For our family, travel-friendly and convenience are at the top of the criteria list. Since our daughter was born seven months ago, we’ve been on multiple flights every month, waited in long customs lines, and piled our belongings into every type of rental car you can think of.

The MINU stroller and MESA car seat combination by UPPAbaby have quickly become our most trusted travel companions. Traveling with kids means extra luggage; there’s no way around. Having lightweight options and compatibility have allowed us to maintain our transient routine since becoming parents.

The MESA car seat has a weight range recommended from newborns to 35 lbs. That made it an easy decision for us to decide on one convenient seat that will last for years of upcoming travel. The best thing about the MESA is the SMART SECURE system that allows you to install it in seconds. The buckle storage pockets are also super convenient for travel. These features have made things much easier for us when taking a Lyft to and from airports, traveling with different rental cars and catching rides with friends and family.

The MINU stroller ticks all the boxes for easy travel. It’s lightweight, foldable and easy to attach the MESA car seat to. I can hold our daughter while folding it up with one hand to check it at the flight gate before boarding. It fits in the overhead storage of most planes, but I’ve come to love gate checking as many baby items as possible when we fly because it’s less to carry — and it’s free.

Beyond the smart folding design, there’s nothing overly fancy about the MINU, but it’s everything you need in a stroller. What was intended to be our travel stroller/car seat combo has now become our everyday set-up, whether we’re on the road or at home in New York.

By Eric Greene