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Review: Ant Stroller by Bugaboo

Last updated 18th October 2019

The new Ant stroller by Bugaboo takes compact baby equipment to the next level. Purchasing a stroller is a big deal for a new parent. You don’t want to make the wrong choice, like I did, and end up doing the whole research-and-buy routine all over again two months later. Any urban parent will affirm that you start to notice every stroller model you see in public. There are several models you’ll see in the streets in volume—and for good reason. Bugaboo is one of the brands at the top of the stroller hierarchy. When you’re pushing one, other stroller pushers notice. You may even find yourself in a pleasant conversation about your stroller, which may lead to a new parent friend.

Ant stroller by Bugaboo

My wife and I tried out the new Ant stroller as soon as Bugaboo released the model this year and love the elegant and efficient design. It’s sleek, compact and convenient for traversing New York City or packing up to take on an airplane. It also draws a lot of attention—especially on the subway, where fellow Bugaboo users want to hear all about the new Ant model.

Now that I’m familiar with our new stroller, I’m confident telling strangers and friends alike about its all-wheel suspension, the reversible and reclinable seat and its oversized under-seat basket, all features that have made traveling with our baby significantly easier. The first time I used the Ant stroller, I admittedly found it a bit confusing to figure out how to compact and store it. But after watching a short video to figure it out, I realized how clever the design is when folding into its most compact size. Since then, it’s been a breeze to pack up and store or take along on our travels.

Ant Stroller by Bugaboo compact

Bugaboo designed the Ant stroller to give parents the confidence to handle tougher travel journeys. Our family has to agree that it does improve the way you travel with children. And beyond the airport convenience and long-distance trips the Ant stroller was designed for, no stroller is better suited for our everyday life navigating the New York City subway and streets.

By Eric Greene