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Brandless Luggage Is the Chic Travel Line That’s Also Helping Save the Planet

Last updated 12th July 2022

There’s a new luggage company on the block and it’s a lifesaver when it comes to packing up all your vacation necessities. Brandless luggage just launched their line this week, but it’s already making waves thanks to its smart designs for everything from suitcases to packing cubes to belt bags. Another reason to get on board with Brandless luggage? The lining of the suitcases and almost all their travel accessories are made using recycled PET plastic from plastic bottles. The carry on and checked bag contain the equivalent of approximately 47 plastic water bottles collectively. So now you can fit in that extra pair of shoes and feel good about doing it.

The currently offered eco-friendly products from Brandless luggage include a checked suitcase and a carry on size (which nest within one another for easy storage), as well as versatile travel accessories including a belt bag, a foldable backpack and tote bag, packing cubes, a travel organizer and a travel pouch for toiletries. The suitcases are durable while still being lightweight and easy to lift and the 360-degree spinner wheels make rolling it down packed airplane aisles a breeze even for young travelers.

I put the carry on suitcase and travel accessories to the test myself on a recent trip through Chile and was left thoroughly impressed. I was able to fit in all the layers and hiking gear I needed to explore Patagonia without any struggle, including two puffy jackets. On the way back I even managed to fit in a small sheep skin rug I’d picked up as a souvenir on top of everything else I’d already packed! It still zipped easily and was small enough that I had no trouble taking it on the interconnecting flights I took along the way. The packing cubes were super helpful when it came to organizing my hiking gear like hats, gloves and socks so it was all easy to find once I arrived. The foldable backpack was also ideal since it became my daypack for shorter hikes. The travel organizer was not something I’d ever used before, but proved extremely useful on my long flight to Santiago. I organized my charging cords, headphones, lotion, sleep mask and other plane essentials I wanted handy in it and kept it in my seat back pocket. That allowed me to put my large backpack up above for extra leg room without having to bother my seat mates every time I wanted to stay moisturized or charge my tablet.

See the full Brandless Luggage collection yourself and shop it now.

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