The Best Carry-On Luggage For Every Type of Traveler

9th December 2019

With so many luggage options on the market, it can be intimidating to make the perfect selection for you and your crew. Various types of luggage are more suited to certain types of travelers, so we broke things down for you. Read on for the best carry-on luggage to match your travel needs.

Rimowa Suitcase - Best Carry-On Luggage

Best Lightweight Carry-On Luggage: Rimowa Salsa Air Cabin Multiwheel

This hard-sided case — that comes in a wide range of retro-cool shades — weighs in at a mere 4.4 pounds. The lightweight and nearly indestructible polycarbonate shell returns to its original shape after pressure has been released. The Rimowa Salsa Air also comes with a rarely seen feature: a telescoping handle that can lock into any height position (rather than limiting you to just two). It also has four dual-sided wheels for 360-degree movement and mesh zipper compartments in the interior.

Best Under $100: Rockland Luggage Melbourne Expandable Carry-On

This carry-on luggage was engineered to maximize space and to offer excellent organization. The luggage is expandable, allowing travelers to increase packing capacity when needed. Spinner wheels ensure easy maneuvering in all directions. Best of all, it won’t break the bank and is still high quality.

Best Easy Storage: Biaggi Zipsak Micro-Fold Carry-On

This carry-on luggage is pure genius. It’s full of pockets to keep you organized and is plenty spacious, but for those living in small spaces, its biggest appeal comes during non-travel times. The Zipsak carry-on suitcase folds down into a small zippered pouch you can pop into any drawer or small space without giving up precious closet space.

Best Functionality: Victorinox Spectra 2.0 Dual-Access Global Carry-On

Whether you’re jumping puddles or crossing oceans, the Spectra™ 2.0 Dual-Access Carry-On (under the Swiss Army brand umbrella) is the ultimate functional travel companion. One of the best carry-on luggage options on the market, its ultra-strong 100% virgin polycarbonate makes it highly durable while remaining ultra-lightweight. The best part? The luggage has an innovative quick-access door you can easily find what you need without having to open the whole thing up.

Best Smart Luggage: Away Bigger Carry-On

Follow any travel or lifestyle influencer and you’ve likely seen this four-wheeled, hard-sided luggage from Away. It covers all the basics, but also has TSA-approved locks, an unbreakable exterior and removable USB charger. It currently comes in eight colors, but the brand often releases limited-edition styles, like its recent one with photographer Gray Malin. A lifetime warranty and a la carte accessories certainly add to Away’s appeal. Although it’s probably the “coolest” luggage on the market right now, it holds up to competitors.




Best Soft Case: Kipling Darcey Small Carry-On Rolling Luggage

The durable crinkle nylon flexes under pressure, and the four 360-degree spinning wheels make this lightweight Kipling luggage a smooth and seamless travel companion. The Darcey Small Carry-On’s soft exterior won’t put the squeeze on your clothes, while interior packing straps keep your essentials in place. Bonus: it’s monogrammable.

Best Eco-Conscious: Brandless Carry-On Luggage

The lining of the suitcases is made using recycled PET plastic from plastic bottles. The carry-on suitcase and checked bag contain the equivalent of approximately 47 plastic water bottles collectively. Plus, it’s smart design makes packing a breeze. So now you can fit bring that extra outfit and even feel good about doing it.

Best Style: The Andiamo Classico Carry-On

The Andiamo Classico takes travel to stylish new heights with its sleek, high-gloss finish and rich vibrant colors. The zipper-less aluminum frame creates maximum durability and security. Safely charge devices on the go: The integrated USB port has a protective cover to enable battery pack removal.

Best Durability: Speck Travel Carry-On

Lightweight, compact and highly durable, you can use this carry-on luggage over and over again. Rough baggage handlers are no match for this suitcase and its shock-dampening spinner wheels. Plus the inside has a mesh panel and 3-pocket organization system that will help even the most disorganized packers fit it all in neatly.

Best Kid-Friendly Fun: Zinc Flyte Scooter Suitcase

Flyte lets kids travel in a fun way while also giving them the space to take along all of their travel essentials (which may or may not be half the toy box). Parents can have peace of mind: It’s also a practical piece of luggage and a safe scooter. This soft but sturdy suitcase is easy to pull along, letting kids ride around the world.

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