Toddlers on the Go: The Best Travel Cribs for Kids

Marie Waine
22nd September 2017

Making a trip, whether near or far, always calls for a little rest and recharge once you get there. It may be easy for you to hit the hay on any pillow you see, but baby is always better when they have their favorite things with them. These travel cribs will make for the comfiest sleeps whether at home or away. They all fold up, carry easily and weigh less than 20 pounds. Bringing one along is now a no-brainer. Everyone’s sleep will be better!


Graco Pack ‘n Play Playard Jetsetter

This travel crib makes it easy to be on the go. It folds up into its own backpack so you can carry it anywhere baby goes. With its easy setup, the Pack ‘n Play can be assembled almost anywhere in less than one minute. One minute? Yes, one minute is right! And that kind of time is precious when you have a baby on your hip. Once set up, this travel crib comes with a bassinet, perfect for little ones who need a nap. The bassinet has two vibration settings to soothe your baby when you are too busy to stand there and rock baby yourself. Other features include mesh paneling for air flow, a mesh dome with sunlight blocker, and a removable changing pad.

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BabyBjorn Travel Crib Light

The most annoying thing about buying products just for baby? Having to buy new items when baby gets bigger. That isn’t a problem with the BabyBjorn Travel Crib Light. Although one of the more expensive travel crib options out there, this product will last your baby well through their toddler years, making it worth the investment. It has a comfy mattress pad and high, mesh walls. You’ll be happy you’ll never have to buy another travel crib, since you won’t find one with the same features. The 13-pound crib can be carried in its over-the-shoulder bag until it is set up in one simple movement. After a few uses, the crib may get dirty, but have no fear. Both the mattress pad cover and fabric around the crib are removable and machine washable. This small crib can fit in the back of any car for your next trip. Your baby will be happy no matter when and where you decide to get away.

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Lotus Everywhere Travel Crib

Make your baby smile with this crib by Guava Family. The exclusive side zipper doors allow you to get down on your baby’s level and hang out in the crib with them. This feature provides a more hands-on approach to everyday events – you can even lay beside your baby until they fall asleep. The easy 15-second setup makes it a no-brainer for bringing on a vacation – it’s no mess and no fuss. When you’re ready to head on home, just fold the crib up and carry it using its built-in backpack feature. If you want this crib to grow with your baby, you can purchase the bassinet package, featuring a rocking option for a deep sleep. The crib and bassinet combination retails for $300.

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