The Best Travel Headphones For Kids - Family Traveller (USA)

When it comes to finding the best travel headphones for kids, we're all ears. So we've rounded up a few of our top picks for young travelers. Here's hoping they provide a few minutes of peace and quiet for parents.

BuddyPhones Wave

The BuddyPhones Wave headphones are not only cute, they’re hi-fi, with noise-canceling technology and sound control to protect delicate ears. Did we mention they also fold up for easy storage and are durable and waterproof? Let’s just say they’re heads above the rest.

Puro BT2200

The Bluetooth wireless connection means that these headphones will play at the correct levels, whatever source the child uses it with. The cordless design makes tangles a thing of the past, and they come in a fun variety of colors. The size and weight fit kids from 2½ to 11 years comfortably, so you can buy one set and they’ll grow with your child. (They're sturdy enough that they should last through the years, too.)

Puro IEM200 Volume Limited Student Earbuds

If the kids are more into earbuds than over-the-ear headphones, try these earbuds made just for pints. They restrict the volume from being too loud so you can rest easy knowing little ears are always protected. Plus, having an earbud to share is a great way for siblings to share some tunes.

JLab Audio JBuddies Kids

These headphones are suited for smaller or younger children and have a volume button easy for adults to adjust. For $10, you'll get a safe and simple product for those long travel days.