Our contributing editor Mariella Frostrup is one of the most recognisable faces in British Journalism, thanks to her work in The Guardian, The Observer and the Mail on Sunday, and her many appearances on television and radio.

A mother of two school-age children, she travels widely with her family; and, in her regular Family Traveller column, she shares her experiences.

Latest stories:

Mariella Frostrup: Is it time to travel more responsibly?

Cutting back on long-haul trips to travel more responsibly will help the planet and if your children are like mine, they won’t object, says Mariella

Mariella Frostrup: Travel is the best teacher

Showing our children the wonders of the planet is the best way to inspire them to care for it, says Mariella Frostrup

Mariella Frostrup: In praise of wild women

Mariella Frostrup admires female adventurers – she just hopes can be brave enough to encourage her daughter be one of them

Mariella Frostrup: Bonding in Venice

Mariella Frostrup takes her daughter Molly, 13, on a girls-only trip to the City of Bridges

Mariella Frostrup: Modern zoos are crucial

Reputable, modern zoos aren’t cruel, they’re crucial, says Mariella Frostrup. It’s important that we breed species near extinction and educate children

Mariella Frostrup: learning to dive in the Maldives

Diving fan Mariella Frostrup takes her 10-year-old son on a PADI course in the Maldives, in the Indian Ocean

Mariella Frostrup: A holiday just for me

When every member of the family has a different opinion about the family trip, Mariella Frostrup decides the best option might be to holiday solo

Mariella Frostrup: time to plan 12 months of family travel

The start of a new year is the perfect time to begin mapping out 12 months of family travel...

Mariella Frostrup: Why I dream of cancelling Christmas

Mariella Frostrup would love to skip Christmas this year, but her family never got the memo

Mariella Frostrup: My childhood holidays

Our Contributing Editor recalls the basic yet idyllic holidays of her childhood on the last of the islands that run west from Carraroe in Ireland.

Mariella Frostrup: What to do in the UK in winter

Our Contributing Editor on the expense of UK airports and why, during the dark winter months, her family are happiest embracing the great British outdoors on a staycation.

Mariella Frostrup: a tech free holiday

Mariella Frostrup is travelling back in time, rejecting all technology on the west coast of Connemara in Ireland...