It is hard to imagine an experience more enthralling than being surrounded by adorable animals in their own idyllic environment. From cheeky monkeys to rare squirrels, we have discovered 8 animals who rule the roost on their own private islands!

1/9 Rabbit Island, Japan

Rabbits swarm woman on rabbit island japan

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A happy island with a sad past, Okunoshima is home to hundreds of adorable fluffy bunnies. The original rabbit residents were the laboratory animals that were released into the wild after its closure. The rabbits bred like, erm, rabbits, and nowadays visitors flock to the island to see and interact with them. Bunnies can be seen hand-feeding from visitors and even stampeding those who hold out offerings of food!


How to get there

From Hiroshima, take the train or bus to JR Tadanoumi station. A 5 minute walk takes you to the connecting ferry, which takes 12 minutes and costs around £2.