1/15  Family weekend at Sadler's Wells

World leading dance house Sadler’s Wells is hosting a two-day festival of family-friendly events, with fun activities complementing two shows: Snow White, the classic Grimm’s Brothers tale and Digitopia, a digital wonderland of contemporary dance, focusing on the synergy between urban contemporary dance, electronic music and digital art and taking young audiences into a sci-fi-like environment, where digital animations of brightly coloured patterns explode and morph with the movement of dancers.  There are also dance workshops based on both the shows plus a stay and play workshop exploring dance and technology. Rosie Heafford and the team from Second Hand Dance will stage pop-up performances, dress ups and interactive games to get kids moving. The foyer will be transformed into an enchanted forest, with an atrium covered in a sea of books. Children will be encouraged to leave ‘wishes’ on apples and leafs, and to share their own stories by contributing to the ‘Once Upon A Time’ wall. The Story Den room will be filled with books to read, and a ‘book bed’ where duvets are turned back to reveal book pages.

When/Where: 25-26 March, Sadler’s Wells, London

Price: Snow White £12 - £18; Digitopia £7 - £12; Family Dance workshops £2

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