2/4  A mermaid and myth packed treasure hunt for kids

You expect to come across mermaid legends in remote fishing villages, they’re a bit rarer in the heart of great European cities. Meet Melusina, secret mermaid and beloved wife of Count Siegfried, the 10th century founder of the City of Luxembourg. And if you want to know more, pick up a map and have the City Promenade for Kids adventure.

Myth-stuffed, riddled with fascinating facts, packed with puzzles and designed like a clever treasure hunt, kids have to crack codes on-route and there’s a prize waiting at the Luxembourg City Tourist Office for every successful young sleuth.

Must-sees on the City Promenade for Kids

  • The Grand Ducal Palace is the official residence of the Grand Duke of Luxembourg. Visit in summer and you can tour the opulent interior as long as a flag isn’t flying to say his royal highness is home.
  • Stop for Luxembourg City’s famously fantastic patisserie at Place d’Armes. Known locally as ‘the parlour’, this is one of the city’s favourite places for pretty cafés and live music on a sunny day.
  • Luxembourg City History Museum has all the lowdown on the city from the myth of Melusina to the modern day. Definitely worth a closer look, so build a bit of extra time into the treasure hunt for this one.
  • Kids are actively encouraged to climb to the top of the Hollow Tooth, you might be more interested in its historical association with the founding of the European Union.

Find out more about City Promenade for Kids and download the free treasure map

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