Active families will love the French Alps this summer

Last updated 21st August 2017

Families all over the UK are finding adventure alive, well and satisfyingly wild in the French Alps this summer. With temperatures of 25˚ and rising, the weather’s perfect on hundreds of Alpine beaches. It’s pretty fine for skiing too and there’s snow on the Grand Motte Glacier, even in August. Wildlife is out of hibernation and outrageously cute. Extreme (and not so extreme) activities are never in short supply. And, if bragging potential’s a pre-requisite: cycle round Morzine in late July and you’re hot on the heels of the Tour de France.

Alpine Elements are one of Europe’s leading activity holiday specialists and they love the French Alps. So if you’re not completely convinced about the wisdom of short flights, awe-inspiring experiences, queue-free attractions, soaring mountains, sunny beaches and family-shaped fun this summer, here’s what the experts have to say.  


1/5  A new adventure, every minute of every day

Imagine the French Alps as an enormous summer playground interconnected by hundreds of speedy ski-lifts and you’ve some idea of how thrilling the region is for kids.

Almost nothing’s out of bounds from high-altitude mountain biking to sun-drenched skiing, wild swimming in mountain lakes to white water rafting down some of the world’s most daunting rapids.

Mention hiking on a wet British weekend and you won’t be greeted with much childlike enthusiasm. Add in flower-filled Alpine meadows, warm weather, fantastic picnics and tall peaks made possible without too much effort – those lifts again – and expect 100% approval rating.

Even holiday-education isn’t a tough sell when learning experiences cover just anything from canyoning, canoeing and rock climbing to mountain boarding, mountain biking and history lessons courtesy of thrilling GPS treasure hunts.

Good to know

Alpine Elements’ Active Packs give families over 80 fun activities to choose from, and dozens are free or as good as. Pick a pack to suit your style from easy going to full-on non-stop action and Active Reps in every resort are on hand to help out with bookings, equipment hire and useful advice.