Top Attractions in Jamaica for Families

Last updated 11th March 2024

Jamaica is a top destination for families, where culture and sunshine meet adventure and fun. Check out these top attractions for families in Jamaica.

Mystic Mountain

Located near the resort town of Ocho Rios, Mystic Mountain Rainforest Adventure is an all in one attraction where the whole family can come for adventure and education. Start your adventure by boarding the Sky Explorer at the bottom of the mountain and enjoying an open air ride to the top of the mountain, surrounded by tropical trees and wildlife, where you’ll be greeted with a magnificent view of the north coast of Jamaica below. At the top, friendly staff await you and will help you choose your next adventure.

  • Museum: The Mystic Mountain Museum houses some incredible artifacts from Jamaican sports history, including the olympic uniform of the Jamaican bobsled champions of 1984 Calgary Olympics.
  • Bobsled: Get your adrenaline rush as you ride down the mountain on your personal bobsled. Kids can ride together with a parent, or in a separate car attached to the back of an adult car. This goes fast, but can be controlled by the front “driver’s” brakes.
  • Hummingbird Garden: Kids will love learning about Jamaican wildlife and observing the beautiful long tailed hummingbirds that zip in and out of the garden.
  • Nature Trail: If you don’t want to take the ski lift back down the mountain, there is an optional nature trail that takes about 30 minutes to walk.
  • Pool & Waterslide: Take in the view of the coast from the mountain top pool equpped with waterslide!
  • Restaurant: Enjoy a delicious meal with a view and enjoy the 360 degree scene of the island from the lookout tower upstairs.
  • Zip-Lining: Mystic Mountain offers incredible zip-lining through the jungle and down the mountain.

Chukkah Good Hope

Chukkah is a children’s paradise (and an adults as well)! They offer nearly every outdoor adventure you can think of and it’s set on a beautiful old sugar plantation. There are several Chukkahs around the island, with Good Hope being the main attraction.

  • Zip-lining: Chukkah offers a 6 line zip course that will send you soaring through forest and over beautiful green rivers. The scenery is unbeatable! Children ages 6 and up can zip-line at Chukkah
  • Tubing on the River: This leisurely stroll down the river in connected inner tubes is tame enough for kids, but still offers a little bit of excitement at a few spots on the river. The guides will give you a mini lesson on Jamaica while you float along and take in the vegetation and ruins of the old sugar plantation.
  • Adventure Course: Great for anyone not quite ready for the rush of the zip-line, the adventure course runs throughout the center and is easy enough for kids to do, while still feeling challenged.
  • Pool: The pool at Chukkah consists of a large beach entry swimming area, exhilarating waterfall, a waterfall and jumping cliff!
  • ATV Tours: Ride through the mountains of Jamaica on an ATV with our experienced guide.
  • Rum Tasting, Open Bar and Lunch: Included in your package at Chukkah you can experience an authentic Jamaican meal of Jerk Chicken, rice and beans, Callaloo and Festival. An open bar and rum tasting are also available.


Yaaman is the home of Sir Harold Mitchell and is now used for cultural experiences and adventures. Full of history, this old plantation is a wonder to explore and learn.

  • Cooking Class: Hop on the tractor ride for the 20 minute ride up the hill where you can see trees planted by celebrities like Winston Churchill and Drew Barrymore, to the old plantation house, where you will learn to cook a traditional Jamaican meal of Jerk Chicken, Callaloo, Rice, Coconut Cream Sauce and Festival all while taking in the breathtaking view of the coastline and gardens from the comfort of the veranda.
  • ATV Tours: Get muddy while riding dune buggies through the property.
  • Segway Tours: Cruise up and down the mountain on a muddy Segway tour, while learning about the property from a knowledgable guide.

Dunn’s River Falls

A true national treasure, Dunn’s River Falls is one of the most visited attractions in Jamaica and for good reason. The massive waterfall, over 100 feet high, is a natural phenomenon that is continuously regenerating itself through limestone growth.

  • Climb the Falls: What makes this place unique is that visitors can walk straight up the falls with a guide.
  • Donkey Rides: Not up for walking? You can ride a donkey while here, as well as splash in the falls and enjoy a picnic.
  • Craft Sales: You can’t get to the falls without passing by local artisans and crafters selling their wares, from colorful wood carvings to handmade jewelry to leather and cotton goods.

Dolphin Cove

Take the whole family to experience dolphins up close and personal! It’s a unique, bucket-list experience. 

  • Swim with Dolphins: Choose from a number of interactions, from hugging and kissing a dolphin in shallow water to getting a ride on a dolphin during a deep-water swim.
  • Ride a Camel: Yes, you can ride a camel in Jamaica at this attraction. Or, just pet one, if you’re not up for the ride.
  • Pet a Stingray: From stingrays to sharks, families can interact with various marine life, touching, feeding and playing with different species.


Written by Vanessa Hunt from Wanderlust Crew.