10 Best Countries in the World to Live Abroad

14th June 2019
Ever dreamed of packing up and living abroad for a life full of adventure? Or, perhaps you’ve considered it for a job or a better quality of life. If so, the first question on your mind was probably where you should move. Thanks to a new study, it just got way easier to pick a place.
The team at Globehunters, has analyzed 34 OECD countries based on 11 factors to reveal The Global Expat Index 2019. The factors they used include everything from average income and cost of living to happiness and safety. They also factored in the cost of childcare and the expat population and community, which are especially important for families looking to move abroad.
Each country gets a score out of 10 based on the 11 factors for a total score out of 100. According to the study these are the 10 best countries to live abroad:

10/10 Norway

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Norway made the top 10 list with an overall score of 65.29. It ranks third in the world for happiness levels and is also in the top 10 best countries for average income, medical costs, migrant acceptance and expat population.

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9/10 Netherlands

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With a total score of 65.33, Netherlands earns its spot as one of the best places for expats to live thanks to its excellent scores on average income, employment rate, overall happiness and migrant acceptance rate.

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8/10 Australia

While Australia can be an expensive place to live as doesn’t rank quite as high on factors like affordable housing, it’s in the top 5 countries for migrant acceptance and comes in at number 2 for expat populations, which means you’ll have a welcoming community if you decide to move to the land down under.

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7/10 United States

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If you’re looking to leave the US, it may shock you that it actually comes in at number 7 for best places for expats. Knowing that it’s in the top 3 for average income might even convince you to stay. Then again, it didn’t crack the top 10 when it comes to happiness levels or affordable childcare.

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6/10 Sweden

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Not only will you get to see the Northern Lights all winter if you live in Sweden, but you’ll also likely live a long and happy life according to their life expectancy and happiness scores. Best of all for families, they came in second when for affordable childcare services.

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5/10 Germany

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Germany is one of the best places to live abroad if you’re a family thanks to its high employment rate and good childcare costs. Not to mention that many parts of the country look like they’re straight out of a magical Disney movie and cities like Berlin and Munich provide plenty of culture.

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4/10 New Zealand

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Not only is New Zealand full of natural splendors that range from glaciers to beaches, it’s also a great country to live abroad. It ranked in the top 10 for cost of an apartment downtown making it more affordable than many other countries expats often consider. Most importantly for families, it ranks second in terms of safety.

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3/10 Canada

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Canada is calling with its outdoor adventures, walkable cities and cultural delights. It ranks in the top 10 for safety, happiness, migrant acceptance and expat populations, giving it an overall total of 69.17 and earning it a top spot.

2/10 Austria

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Austria is hands down one of the most beautiful places on the planet. Adding to its appeal is its high average income and employment rate. Ideal for families, it’s also in the top 5 countries when it comes to safety and childcare costs.

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1/10 Iceland

Claiming the top spot as the best place to live abroad is Iceland. While the Blue Lagoon, fuzzy Icelandic ponies and powerful waterfalls have made this a hot spot for tourists, its high rankings for average income, employment rate, happiness, safety, affordable childcare costs and migrant acceptance rate earn it an overall score of 71.61 and make it an ideal place to settle down and live too.

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