Ski Vacations

What to Pack for a Family Ski Vacation

Last updated 16th October 2017
  • Lots of layers. Vests, t-shirts and long-sleeved tops.
  • Ski Socks. These will make ski boots comfier. Take about four or five pairs per person.
  • Ski gloves. It’s worth taking two pairs each. Mittens generally keep hands warmer and if it’s really cold, take glove liners.
  • Goggles. To protect eyes from snow and sun.
  • A Warm Hat. For early season skiing we’d also recommend a balaclava (or helmetclava, which is worn under the helmet).
  • Helmets. These can be rented in resorts alongside skis. If you want to invest in your own don’t buy online, you should go into a shop and make sure it fits properly.
  • Ski Jacket. If you’re going at the end of the season you may like to take a thinner waterproof jacket.
  • Ski Pants
  • Snow Boots 
  • Sun Cream and Lip Balm
  • Backpacks. Great for carrying your essentials while out on the slopes for the day.
  • Walkie Talkies. Great for communicating across mountains.

Top tip: You will be able to buy everything you need in the ski resort, but it will be a lot more expensive