Exciting half term days out at KidZania London

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Left in charge of a city, what would your kids do?  Plan a visit to KidZania London for half-term and the answer to that question might very well surprise you.

KidZania is a city run by kids where given free reign and a 75,000 square feet city designed just for them, four to 14 year olds are amazingly focused and more than a little productive.

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The kid-city where work is fun

KidZania is basically another one of those brilliant ideas. Kids love role playing, work is fun when you don’t have to work all the time, and being paid is a huge incentive. Kids can choose from  a huge range of different real-life activities, recreated in realistic work environments and about as close to real life as it’s possible to get.

Trainee engineers get hands on with car engines; mini-broadcasters produce and present news programmes to live audiences; music, lights and action is all real for tomorrow’s theatre stars; young stylists style; mini-police keep the peace; would-be firefighters deal with emergencies, and if you’ve got a budding sporting legend in the making, there’s plenty of scope for them to explore their potential too. Going to KidZania University can result in kids being higher earners in the city. Who knew that kids wouldn’t just get their heads down and study, they’d be prepared to sit and pass exams too?

Have a look at what kids can get up to in KidZania, long before they grow up

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KidZania kids have earning potential

If you’re already feeling a twinge of envy at the fantasy of trying out different jobs and then, not having to work at any of them for more than an hour: steel yourself.

Not only do kids have your ideal work/life balance, they get paid too. Although if you’re thinking about a life of leisure for yourself right now, it’s only fair to point out that kidZos can only be used by kids, and only in KidZania. But they can save their earnings and open a KidZania bank account: an early lesson in financial responsibility that might work out well for you in the future.

KidZania entertainment for little brothers and sisters

While four to 14 year olds get on with the serious business of running KidZania, younger kids haven’t been forgotten. There are several fun options to keep one to three year olds busy so time flies by and you don’t have to worry about tears, tantrums or separation issues.

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  • Visit the Highbrow Lounge where young kids engage with learning through a growing range of innovative and exciting media designed just for them.
  • The Science Lab is beginner’s chemistry with a big focus on bubbles.
  • Tons of toys and puzzles make Kindergarten a huge hit with toddlers.
  • RighZkeeper’s Residence is all about bounce around play, storytelling, puppet shows and dozens of other inventive activities aimed at kids who aren’t quite old enough for full-on city life.   

KidZania isn’t totally off limits to under fours. Busy older kids being tour guides on buses, staging performances, crewing flights and keeping shop are always on the lookout for little customers, passengers or willing participants, and the KidZania team will be happy to tell you what younger children can get involved with.

Take a look at KidZania’s fun activities for younger kids this half term.

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How to fill four hours in a parent-free zone

Each KidZania session lasts for four hours, and the entire city is a parent-free zone. That’s not quite as harsh as it sounds: you can watch your kids at work through viewing windows, you just can’t join in. Unless of course you’re prepared to be a patient at A&E, take a tour on a bus or be part of an adoring stadium crowd. Showtime not your thing? Don’t worry. KidZania have provided a parental chill out area called the Grown Ups Garden Shed. 

Between the books, games, computers and a ready supply of drinks and snacks from The Hut nearby, adult is a pretty comfortable state of being for a few hours. If you prefer to be grown up and go shopping, and your kids are over-eight, you can drop them off and explore Westfield London for a few hours. It’s a well organised, security-conscious system and easy to arrange with the KidZania team when you arrive.

The lowdown for May half term

Kids have four hours in KidZania and a choice of more than 60 activities, each lasting between 10 minutes and an hour. The city has shops, restaurants and cafés and it’s designed in detail right down to real pavements and transport.

Half-term opening times

KidZania is open from 10am to 7pm from 25 May to 3 June, apart from Monday 28 May when it closes at 6.30pm.

How to get there

KidZania London, Westfield London, Ariel Way W12 7GA

Tube stations within short walk: Central Line; Shepherd’s Bush; White City.

Book online and save at for a closer look at the city run by kids and what’s happening there for May half-term.

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