Eight great family trips for responsible travellers

Ryan Chart
14th September 2018

Can you have a tailor-made family holiday anywhere in the world and still be responsible travellers? You certainly can if you put your dreams in the safe and ethical hands of the Better Places Travel team.

Not only do they create personalised trips to some of the most astonishing places on earth, they work directly with local communities, strive for low to no-impact travel, and are even aiming to go entirely plastic-free on all holidays by 2020.

Plus, Better Places Travel are one of the few responsible travel companies with hands-on local experts dedicated to each and every one of their destinations. So you have the fun of designing your adventure and all the know-how to make it happen – just the way you want.

Not sure what you want? Take a look at our pick of top places worldwide that are family-friendly, kid-friendly and fabulous for holidays, right now.

8.  Costa Rica

Mention sloths and most kids are hooked on Costa Rica instantly. They might not be too interested in the fact that over 27% of the country is protected natural habitat and it’s one of the earth’s most bio-diverse environments. But since all that leads directly to up-close encounters with awesome wildlife, incredible beaches, and immense, adventurous national parks: an intense eco-education happens by default in Costa Rica.

Family holiday ideas for Costa Rica

Meet Costa Rica expert, Liesbet, and see what she recommends for an 11-day family holiday in Costa Rica with Better Places Travel.

7. Indonesia

If ever a country could be described as an epic adventure, it’s Indonesia. The world’s largest archipelago is the land of historic cities and ancient monuments; one astonishing natural phenomena after another; some of the earth’s rarest and most exotic wildlife, and that’s before you even get to the beautiful beaches of Bali. No surprise to find the sheer scope of experiences makes it a great fit for Better Places Travel family holidays.

Family holiday ideas for Indonesia

Meet Indonesia expert, Emile, and see what he recommends on a 17-day family tour of Indonesia with Better Places Travel.

6. Vietnam

Vietnam is great to visit with kids but, unless you know a few locals, it’s not always easy to go beyond major cities and beach resorts: not that they aren’t fantastic experiences in their own right. Better Places Travel like to intermingle the big and thrilling with more personal experiences of Vietnam, and involve families in the country’s fascinating culture, as well as building in plenty of beachy fun.

Family holiday ideas for Vietnam

Meet Vietnam expert, Thuy, and see what she recommends on a 14-day Vietnam with kids tour from Better Places Travel.

5. Jordan

Incredibly, Jordan is only five hours from the UK and there are direct flights to Amman, all year round. Just one of many reasons it should be a must-do on the family holiday list. Although easy travel could well take second place to ancient Petra, the Wadi Rum desert, gorgeous Red Sea resorts and the chance to discover if the Dead Sea is as phenomenal as its reputation (it is).

Family holiday ideas for Jordan

Meet Jordan expert, Elena, and see what she recommends on an eight-day Jordan tour with kids from Better Places Travel.

4. Peru

Peru might be most famous of all for Machu Picchu, but it’s also the land of llamas and alpacas, mighty canyons, condor, Lake Titicaca and the colourful colonial city of Lima. It’s a natural eccentric which is very appealing to kids, although you need sensational organisational skills to pack everything into one holiday. Fortunately, those are a given with Better Places Travel and Peru is one of their all-time favourite places for family trips.

Family holiday ideas for Peru

Meet Peru expert, Saby, and see what she recommends on a 19-day Peru family adventure with Better Places Travel.

3. Jamaica

Beaches play a big part in any Caribbean holiday, although no self-respecting teen visits Jamaica without paying tribute to Bob Marley, riding down the Dunn’s River rapids or tucking into authentic jerk chicken. And kids of all ages love jungle treks, wetland safaris and cheering on cliff divers at Negril. Naturally Better Places Travel also make sure you have plenty of time for fabulous Jamaican beaches.

Family holiday ideas for Jamaica

Meet Jamaica expert, Karin, and see what she recommends on a 10-day Jamaica with kids trip from Better Places Travel.

2. Cuba

If you’re looking for the kid-perfect Caribbean country, think big and go for Cuba. It’s the largest island in the region and as beachy as you’d expect. But its vivid cities, lush countryside, soaring mountains and rich history always give the coast plenty of competition. Local know-how and a good sense of balance makes Better Places Travel ideal companions to get the best out of Cuba, from heaps of Havana and World Heritage landscapes to fun markets, fabulous food and silvery sand beaches.

Family holiday ideas for Cuba

Meet Cuba expert, Julio, and see what he recommends on a 15-day Cuba family trip with Better Places Travel.

1. Colombia

Colombia’s a fascinating country, drenched in history and few places come close in terms of sheer scenic grandeur. If it’s not first on your list for a family holiday, that’s understandable: chequered is a low-key description of the country’s past. But these days eco-tourism is one of the biggest industries and rapturous is the only way to describe the reviews of Colombia’s unspoiled landscapes and stunning colonial cities. Which is probably why Better Places Travel confidently recommend it for unforgettable family holidays.

Family holiday ideas for Colombia

Meet Colombia expert, Karol, and see what she recommends on a 14-day Colombia family trip with Better Places Travel.

If Better Places Travel don’t have your dream destination in their top eight, take a look at dozens of other places where you can tailor-make a heavenly family holiday with a local Better Places expert.

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