5/5  Snorkelling’s as serious as scuba in the Indian Ocean

Snorkelling in the Maldives is unlike anywhere else. The country’s unique chain of coral atolls seem to float in the nutrient-rich Indian Ocean almost right on the equator, so the marine life’s spectacular.

Exotic fish travel in huge clouds, too colourful and immersing to be described as mere shoals. Hawksbill Turtles are permanent reef residents; eagle rays glide by like spectres; and merry clownfish and parrotfish compete with dramatic coral for your awe-struck attention.

Furaveri Island’s five-star PADI Dive School takes snorkelling as seriously as scuba diving, right down to certificated courses and they provide easy introductions for younger kids. Combined with the resort’s excellent swimming lessons, and the eco-experiences woven effortlessly into kids club activities, donning a mask and flippers feels as natural as simply splashing about in the sea, even for younger children. So if you want to launch a lifetime passion early, this is definitely the best place to start snorkelling.

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The Lowdown

Furaveri has a beautifully imagined kids club, packed with creative play and activities for children aged from four to 11. Kids under four years of age are also welcome but must be accompanied by at least one parent.

Teens have their own cool Games Room for adult-free hanging out, and there’s also a babysitting service for adults who want some kid-free time.

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