2/5  Cool, calm catamarans are made for the Maldives

‘Smooth’ and ‘sweet’ are usually the first two words out of anyone’s mouth when they’re talking about catamaran sailing. If you haven’t tried it yet, think twin hulls instead of single, and you begin to understand why new navigators, and passengers are such big fans: no lurching from side to side, also known as ‘heeling’ in master mariner circles.

Tranquil stability aside, catamarans are also nifty movers in shallow water, and pretty much replicate the classic yacht experience without too much sailing experience at all, which probably explains why they’ve become the craft of choice for luxury holiday resorts over the past 20 years.

They’re certainly firm favourites on the calm Indian Ocean waters round Furaveri Island. Used for everything from dolphin watching sunset cruises to catch-and-release family fishing trips, catamarans are an endless source of safe, fun adventure here. But they really come into their own for snorkelling expeditions, building younger kids’ confidence, and letting them explore the wonders of the house reef comfortably close to shore. Good news for parents too, because everyone knows it only takes one bad experience in the water to put a child off for life.

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