One of the most famous and arguably most valuable parts of Greece’s heritage is the Olympic Games, bringing fun, vitality and unity to everyone watching and partaking. Families visiting Greece can get a taste of the spirit of the Games with some of the country’s top sporting and outdoor activities.

1/10  Horseback riding in lake Kerkini

One of the top birdwatching locations in Europe, the wetlands of Kerkini in northern Greece are rich in biodiversity. At 15 km by 8 km the lake is large enough for a full day out for the whole family. Spot wild buffalo, amphibians and even flamingoes at the water’s edge before trying one of the many sports available in the area. Canoeing, biking and 4x4 off-roading are all popular activities for visitors wanting to get up close to nature.

Horseback riding, a sport introduced to Greece just before WWII, is a particular favourite around the Attica area and is an ideal way to see the beauty of Greek nature. Local guest houses offer horseback riding programmes for everyone from beginners to experts, creating a memorable experience for the whole family.