Marpunta: an eco-haven for families on its very own Greek peninsula

Last updated 27th January 2024

Can the lovely Greek island of Alonissos be even more irresistible to families? Rochelle Streater recently found the right answer at Marpunta Resort by Santikos Collection.

Marpunta Resort by Santikos Collection, Alonissos Island

As a seasoned traveller with a penchant for Greece’s breath taking landscapes, charming Greek islands and the country’s delectable cuisines, my recent stay at Marpunta Resort by Santikos Collection revealed an unexpected blend of all those pleasures.

Marpunta nestles on the captivating coast of Alonissos; one of the more peaceful Sporades Islands, north of Athens. The resort surpassed my expectations, weaving together azure waters, lush greenery, and modern amenities to create an idyllic haven for families seeking tranquillity.


Island views, Marpunta, Alonissos

Suites are sanctuaries of comfort with endless Alonissos Island views

The family accommodation also left an indelible mark on our stay. The spacious design and stunning balcony views, offering a front-row seat to the mesmerising sea and sunsets over the coast of Alonissos, provided a perfect sanctuary after days filled with exploration. Though the climb to our room was a steep one, it turned into a delightful family game, with the option of a golf buggy ride from reception adding a touch of convenience.


Pool terrace restaurant, Marpunta

A gastronomic journey round Greece and beyond

Dining at Marpunta was a culinary adventure in itself, thanks to its two brilliant restaurants.

Whether indulging in fresh seafood by the waterfront or savouring traditional Greek delicacies, each meal was a testament to the region’s culinary prowess. The fusion of local flavours and international cuisines heightened the dining experience, leaving our taste buds yearning for more.

Finding our bliss on private beaches and by the pool

Our family’s favourite moments were spent at the resort’s private beaches, where crystal clear waters provided a refreshing escape.

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However, the large pool area, complete with a kids’ paddling section and poolside dining, became our go-to spot for leisurely lunches: making the most of the hotel’s amenities.

Take kids exploring round charming Alonnissos

Venturing beyond Marpunta led us to the charming Old Town of Alonissos, a place teeming with panoramic viewpoints and rich heritage.

A hidden gem within this village was Astrofegia; a must-try spot for dinner and sunset views. Reserving a table early was essential, given its nightly popularity.

Thank you for all the wonderful memories Marpunta

As our time at Marpunta drew to a close, we departed with hearts full of gratitude and a treasure trove of family memories. The blend of serene seascapes, world-class amenities, and heartfelt hospitality had transformed our family trip into a much needed relaxing break.

Marpunta: A Holistic Grecian Experience

In essence, Marpunta in Alonissos stands not only as a luxurious haven but as a gateway to a holistic and immersive Grecian experience. Tailored to diverse family needs, the resort preserves the essence of the surrounding natural beauty, making it a quintessential destination for those seeking both relaxation and exploration.

How to plan a holiday in Alonissos

How to get there

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Marpunta Resort Family Holiday Offer

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