Family ferry holidays

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Many kids these days have grown up on a travel diet of endless airport terminal queues and fidgeting in cramped plane seats. For them, travelling by a ferry is a thrilling new adventure – no matter how old-fashioned it might sound to mum and dad. Kids love the novelty of being able to explore the ship and breathe in wonderful sea air – plus they might even spot a dolphin! Families can take all their favourite possessions, as well as the beloved family pet, and tuck into a sit-down meal, or do some shopping while the kids enjoy the cinema or kids zone.

We’ll show you which ferry operators travel to popular family destinations like France, Spain, Holland, the Isle of Wight and many more. You’ll find all the information you’ll need about ferry routes and fares (you might be pleasantly surprised!) as well plenty of tips and hacks for ferry travel with kids and pets. Isn’t it time your family discovered the freedom and fun of ferry travel?

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