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Walk in the footsteps of medieval Salers’ cowherders

Salers cattle are prized worldwide for their meat, a result of munching lush green grass in the high meadows of the Cantal Mountains. And the paths once used to move herds up from winter to summer pastures are now well-marked walking routes heaped with fascinating history and amazing views.

All, or at least some, of the hikes are doable with kids. If they’re keen-eyed it’s still possible to spot the shaggy-coated, almost auburn, Salers’ cattle in some places – they look so prehistoric, locals think they may be descended from the original beasts depicted on the walls of 19,000 year old Lascaux Cave.

And if you need a break from trekking, drop into one of the historic ‘burons’ on-route: small stone huts which were cowherder’s dwellings at one time, and are now used to make Salers, one of the rarest French cheeses.

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